At The Beet, our editors are always trying out new, innovative plant-based products in order to give our readers the best possible recommendations. There's always something exciting stocked in our fridges, cabinets, and pantries, and we thought we would show you what products we're loving this week. Below are the best-loved products from our team of editors: Lucy, Stephanie, Hailey, and Caitlin.

Lucy's Favorites

1. OZO Italian-style Meatballs

No joke, when I topped some chickpea pasta with red sauce and OZO's Italian-style plant-based meatballs I created one of the easiest, most delicious meals I've ever made in my life. What I love about these meatballs is how high protein they have: Just three meatballs pack 16 grams of protein in a serving, with no soy, as these are made with pea protein. Order now.

Most surprising, these meatballs are the farthest thing from bland; they have a kick of spices that make them burst with flavor. Trust me, as a non-chef, they take absolutely no culinary skills to prepare. Throw them on a cookie sheet and heat up, then toss them into your sauce. Eating these made me feel like a kid eating Chef Boyardee for the first time (yes we were raised on that), but this dish is one that I don't feel bad about eating, because of the delicious, clean, non-GMO ingredients. Pick them up on OZO's website.

2. Mosaic Foods Plant-Based Delivery

One of my favorite plant-based meal delivery companies, Mosaic Foods, has just expanded its delivery service to serve 60 percent of the US, so now is the perfect time to try the brand's unbelievably fresh prepared meals.

My current favorite is the Peanut Tofu Bowl, but the brand has expanded its menu even further with more incredible options, so I'll probably have a new one by next week. On crazy busy work days like today, when I have absolutely no time to leave the house and buy a healthy salad or make myself something plant-based from scratch, it takes just three minutes to heat up a Mosaic meal and have a delicious, healthy, plant-based option ready for me.

Another thing I love about Mosaic is how well compartmentalized the different foods are. I'm a self-professed "serial eater" and like to enjoy my foods one by one, the quinoa first, then the veggies and then the tofu (if I'm still hungry by then), so I appreciate the way Mosaic's bowls are so neatly packaged, not as one big glob of all the ingredients piled in together. Take Mosaic's online quiz today to get started and in no time you'll have incredible, effortless meals at your doorstep, ready to heat and eat. These meals are also super well priced for the high quality and unlike some, they don't arrive dried out by being packed in too much dry ice.

Stephanie's Favorites

1. Aura Bora Sparkling Waters

These all-natural sparkling waters are made with natural flavors herbs, fruits, and flowers, and come in unique, gourmet varieties such as Cactus Rose, Basil Berry, Lavender Cucumber, Peppermint Watermelon, and Lemongrass Coconut. If you're looking for a drink that packs flavor without packing in the sugars, Aura Bora is for you because each can contains 0 grams of sugar, 0 calories, no artificial flavors, and is made with non-GMO ingredients.

These sparkling waters are delicious on their own but also fare well when mixed into a cocktail. I tried the Peppermint Watermelon with a fruity vodka and it did not disappoint. Not to mention, the packaging is so cute you'll want to keep these stocked in your fridge all the time. You can buy Aura Bora's sparkling waters online or in-person by using the brand's store locator.

2. Moku Foods Plant-Based Jerky

Okay, so you or a loved one is obsessed with beef jerky, but recently found out that processed meats are a group 1 carcinogen. Well, Moku Foods has a plant-based alternative made that vegans and nonvegans alike will be just as obsessed with as the real thing. Made from mushrooms, Moku harnesses the fungi's umami flavor and chewy texture to replicate the taste and feel of beef jerky, made totally vegan from plants.

Packed with 7g of fiber and 4g of protein, these gluten-free, soy-free snacks are packed with a meaty flavor and have scored only 5-star reviews, so you know they have to be good! My favorite flavor is the Hawaiian Teriyaki, but the Sweet & Spicy and Original offerings are just as delicious. You can try a sample pack of all three flavors today to discover what the hype is. Be prepared to order in bulk for your next road trip.

Hailey's Favorites

1. No-Bake Energy Bite Mix, $7.99

Energy bites are my guilty pleasure. The sweet, chewy, delicious bites are normally high in calories and full of sugar, but tastes incredible and are convenient to eat. However, I try not to eat processed, store-bought, energy bites because they filled with oil and refined sugars, which leads me to make my own. With a little help from my newest obsession, No-Bake Energy Bite Mix, I make the small bites from scratch to enjoy a low-calorie snack from time to time. I love this baking mix because I can determine how much sugar I want to add, and what kind of sugars (which are usually blended-up dates). Plus, the mix also makes tasty no-bake, keto-friendly, and vegan cookies, which taste heavenly.

The ingredients of the mix include plant-based protein, flaxseed meal as an egg-less combining, cocoa powder for a natural chocolatey taste, and monk fruit as a natural sweetener. As for my homemade recipe, I add the entire mix of No-Bake Energy Bite, natural nut-butter (normally almond butter), water or almond milk, and blended dates for a chewy touch. This makes about 24 bite-sized energy balls. I keep whatever I don't eat in the fridge and eat them when I need a quick, convenient, healthy, delicious snack. These bites keep me from eating chips, sugar-filled granola, and other junk food I try to avoid. If you have a sweet tooth, as I do, you will love the No-Bake Energy Mix.

To purchase No-Bake Energy Mix, click here.

2. Athletic Greens, $77

If you're looking for a clean, nutrient-dense, tasty supplement, Athletic Greens is your go-to powder for all the above. Athletic Greens is high-quality, full of 75 vitamins and minerals and whole-food sourced ingredients, completely vegan, paleo, keto. There are no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or added sugar, simply pure, refreshing, and trust-worthy.

This powder helps boost immunity, energy, digestion, and recovery. Athletic Greens is designed for athletes, yet, caters to anyone who needs to up their vitamin game with just one scoop a day. I like to drink Athletic Greens first thing in the morning. I mix it with my reusable water bottle (which comes with your purchase), and add a splash of fresh pineapple juice or squeeze a lemon for natural sweetness. After, I feel energized, nourished, and refreshed. 

Athletic Greens makes for the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for the athlete on your list, or simply anyone as health is a top priority. If you want to purchase the powder, click here.

Caitlin's Favorites

1. Twice Premium Toothpaste

Once you try Twice toothpaste, you will never go back to a generic brand again. I've been using Twice toothpaste for a little over a month and my teeth have never been brighter or felt healthier. Twice has two kinds of toothpaste, one for the morning and night: The morning toothpaste, Awaken, is a wintergreen and peppermint flavor and the night toothpaste, Relax, is peppermint with vanilla and lavender.

The 100% gluten-free and vegan brand was created by two brothers, Julian and Cody Levine alongside Lenny Kravitz who had a mission to help communities that lack access to proper healthcare. Together, this trio founded Twice with the mission to provide consumers with clean, healthy toothpaste and provide real dental care to communities in need

What sets Twice toothpaste apart from other brands is it's free of bad-for-you ingredients such as parabens and charcoal and is replaced with antioxidant-rich ingredients like Vitamin A, C and E. The natural ingredients used in the toothpaste help soothe gums, whiten teeth, protect from sensitivity and strengthen enamel.

Twice Premium Toothpaste can be found in CVS or online here for $6.99  per individual tube. 

2. Blue Saint Self-Tanner

I no longer have to reminisce about my summer tan after finding Blue Saint self-tanner. After one use, I had a bronzed glow like I was sitting on the beach all day. Blue Saint Self Tanner is easy to apply and gives you a natural-looking tan instantly, rather than having to wait overnight.

Blue Saint has two different self-tanning products: The Instant Body Self-Tanning Foam for your body and Face Self-Tanning Drops. When applying to your body, I highly recommend self-tanning after shaving and exfoliating the skin to get the best results. All you need is about one to two pumps per arm, leg, etc. to achieve a summertime glow. For your face, you can either mix the drops in your moisturizer or even your foundation to give your tan a boost. Blue Saint self-tanner is 100% plant-based, gluten-free, cruelty-free, fragrance-free and is made with Italian probiotics. Blue Saint makes tanning both effortless and affordable.

Buy the Instant Body Self-Tanning Foam for $39 and Face Self-Tanning Drops for $29 here

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