At The Beet, our editors are always trying out new, innovative plant-based products in order to give our readers the best possible recommendations. There's always something exciting stocked in our fridges, cabinets and pantries, and we thought we would show you what products we're loving this week. Below are the best-loved products from our team of editors, Lucy, Stephanie, Hailey and Caitlin. We only recommend what we love. So here they are:

Lucy's Favorites

1. Gr8nola Macha Green Tea, the "Clean" Granola

Granola gets a bad rap. In fact, we just did a piece about how most granolas have as much sugar and carbs as a donut, some as high as 8 to 10 grams. One study showed that when food is seemingly healthy (granola being a prime example), because of the "health halo"  we are likely to eat more of it. Yet I love granola! Nothing gives me that crunchy satisfying taste the way granola does. I love the crunchy sweetness and how it softens as it soaks up the almond or oat milk, but I'll often eat a near cup in one sitting. So I am always on the lookout for a better-for-you granola, and I don't have the patience to make my own!

That's why I love the healthy formula and prepackaged granola from gr8nola. Each pack is a healthy serving size and the all-natural ingredients (no soy, no GMO, no refined sugar) and the fact that it contains essentially what I would use if I made my own: Organic whole grain oats, organic coconut oil, sunflower seeds and in the matcha green tea flavor, actual tea powder (giving it a slightly green tint). For 130 calories you get 6 grams of fat, 3 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber, and no refined sugars. Carry a snack pack of any of their six flavors in your bag for easy snacking on the go. Buy the packs at gr8nola or on Amazon.

2. Health-Ade Kombucha Probiotic Tea "Holiday Cheers" Festive Blend

I am not a "bucha" expert so when I was lucky enough to find this six-pack of Health-Ade Kombucha Holiday Cheers tea during the late summer I brought two bottles to a small (socially appropriate) dinner party, to let others taste it. People literally fought over it. (Politely.) I decided to keep the other four bottles for myself and wait to write it up when the Holidays were here. So now I am happy to unveil this amazingly fresh tasting kombucha, with just the right amount of fizz and bite, with a blend that is uniquely festive, but health benefits aplenty. This formula is packed with healthy fermented black tea, green tea and yeast, and bacterial cultures, along with cold-pressed ginger juice and a unique blend of all-spice, cacao nibs, vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. It tastes exactly like what you want to drink when you come in from a cold day, building a snowman or dragging home your tree. But it's festive enough to serve at a small gathering. Watch the guests fight over it. Buy it at Health-Ade or Amazon.

Stephanie's Favorites

1. Bold Palate Dairy-Free Dressings

We all know that it can be a tad harder to find dressings that work for your diet when you ditch dairy. Most creamy salad dressings contain milk and even egg, and you’re lucky if you’re able to find even one or two dressings without these at a grocery store. Even at specialty stores, you’re likely to only find an Italian or Ranch, rather than more inventive flavors. Enter Bold Palate, a company that has an array of dairy-free dressings in creative flavors like The Beet Goes On, Apple Spice Vinaigrette, Hint of Harissa, and the classic No Cows on This Ranch.

The best thing about these dressings, beyond the lack of allergens, is how versatile they are. Any experienced vegan knows that a salad dressing can also be a marinade, sauce, dip, and vital ingredient in other dishes. I love to use Hint of Harissa as a tofu marinade, No Cows on This Ranch to top my buffalo cauliflower wings, The Beet Goes On as a fry dipping sauce and the Apple Spice Vinaigrette as a festive way to flavor roast vegetables.

Beyond being 100% vegan, the brand also touts their clean ingredient list: No added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, flavorings or preservatives, no soy, gluten-free, and naturally low in fat and calories. If you’re looking for a way to supercharge flavor in a healthy way while on a plant-based diet, I would absolutely recommend Bold Palate. Purchase any combination of the brand’s four innovative dressings on the Bold Palate website.

2. Sourced Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Recently, I have found myself in a bit of a pickle: I have reverted to depending upon several cups of iced coffee each workday, which tends to spike my anxiety. Despite my best efforts, and some of the most delicious coffee alternatives, I cannot let go of my bean juice addiction. To combat this weakness, I need something that will take on my jitters and anxiety. That's where Sourced full-spectrum CBD oil comes in. With a powerful 1300 mg of CBD in this tiny 1-ounce bottle, I take a dropper under my tongue and feel calmer all day because of it.

For those unfamiliar with CBD, it is derived from the cannabis plant, but contains none of the psychoactive effects of THC, which produces the sensation of a "high" in marijuana. In comparison, CBD helps to calm your body down, relieve stress, anxiety, inflammation, nausea, migraines, and chronic pain.

I loved Sourced's offerings because they work effectively and fast for me, and unlike other CBD oils I've tried, this one doesn't have an overwhelming taste. Plus, the adorable packaging and the fact that Sourced is women-owned and California-grown doesn't hurt. You can pick up the brand's all-natural, lab-certified oils, balms, and roll-ons on the Sourced website here. Shipping restrictions may apply depending on your state of purchase.

Hailey's Favorites

1. Vegan Strong Monthly Box

Talk about an exciting delivery with my two favorite things: food and workout. The Vegan Strong box is loaded with delicious vegan snacks, healthy proteins, plant-based power drinks, clean energy bars, and immune-boosting products. If you're looking for a gift to give, any vegan athlete, veg-curious friend or family member, or a busy mom looking to feed her kids healthy snacks, Vegan Strong is the way to go. I received the November box and stored my pantry with healthy on-the-go snacks that everyone in my family loves, including my brother and dad (they know what they're getting for Christmas). We all shared the recipe plan together and made tasty meals, which inspired my dad to become more plant-forward, woohoo! This is the gift that keeps giving.

Each monthly box is packed with 20+ samples and full-size vegan products including sports nutrition and seasonal specialty items. More cool bonuses include coupons, digital codes, magazines, monthly recipe meal plans, and workouts. This box has everything you need to start a vegan diet, discover new and innovative products, or continue eating a healthy lifestyle. If you want to subscribe to the plan, you will receive a monthly box with a different product for $49.99, click here.

2. Numi Tea

Ever since I cut back my crazy coffee addition, about 4-5 cups a day, tea has been my best friend, in particular, Numi tea -- my drink of choice. Before I start my morning yoga routine, I drink a cup of jasmine green tea, which is not too sweet, tastes natural and fresh, and makes my morning that much better. Then, as the day goes on, I love the earthy taste of the matcha rice flavor, it’s different, but I dig it. The matcha gives me a little boost of energy which makes me feel more productive and satisfied. At nighttime, I enjoy a cup of chamomile tea because it’s relaxing, soothing, and tastes incredible. Numi teas are high-quality, made with organic ingredients, and are the perfect stocking stuffer to give this holiday.

Caitlin's Favorites

1. Dirt Kitchen Snacks

I'm always on the look-out for a healthy snack that not only energizes me mid-day but also is delicious and Dirt Kitchen Snacks is just that. Dirt Kitchen Snacks is made from real veggies that are air-dried to give you a crispy, crunchy texture. This vegan and gluten-free snack have no additives, preservatives or added sugars making it perfect for any health-conscious snackers.

The bold flavors and seasonings are really what won me over. I love a spicy flavor and the snack mix of carrots, zucchini and peanuts seasoned with spicy chili and lime had the perfect amount of kick to it for me. Don't worry if you don't like spice because the other flavors are seasoned with salt and pepper as well as lemon and garlic.

Dirt Kitchen Snacks is available in two varieties: Air Dried Veggies + Nuts and Air Dried Veggie Crisps. The Air Dried Veggies + Nuts are available in Green Beans + Roasted Almonds, Carrots + Zucchini + Roasted Peanuts and Zucchini + Roasted Chickpeas + Pistachios. The Air Dried Veggie Crisps are available in Grape Tomato Crisps, Zucchini Crisps and Blushed Bell Pepper Crisps. The Air Dried Veggie Crisps are all made from rescued produce that was in an odd shape, color or a surplus, which helps cut down on any food waste. These veggie snacks are the afternoon pick me up you need to hold you until the next meal while also sneaking veggies into your diet.

You can find Dirt Kitchen snacks in-store in southern California but also online on its site here.

2. Go Big Natural Energy Shots

When you hear energy shots, healthy isn't the first word that comes to mind but Go Big is changing that. Next time you hit your afternoon slump, try Go Big Natural Energy + Wellness Shots to get a boost of energy. As a caffeine lover, it was hard for me to believe that these shots had more caffeine than a 16 oz cup of coffee but also have minimal ingredients that are also good-for-you. Each shot has no more than seven ingredients, which in my opinion is almost unheard of in energy shots.

These all-natural shots are made with a unique ingredient, guarana seed, a nootropic used to stay focused and energized. Along with guarana seed, the ingredients include fruit juice blends, apple cider vinegar and pink Himalayan salt.  These wellness shots come in three flavors: Blood Orange Ginger, Raspberry Pomegranate and Blueberry Acai. I couldn't pick a favorite flavor because each flavor has a tropical taste that is both delicious and refreshing.

You can buy Go Big Natural Energy + Wellness Shots online here.