Celebrate World Oceans Day By Getting 50% Plant-Based Fish Products

|Updated Jun 9, 2022
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In honor of World Oceans Day, which is today (Wednesday, June 8th) the plant-based fish company Good Catch is offering 50 percent off all plant-based seafood products. In addition, Good Catch will donate a portion of its proceeds from all e-store sales to Mission Blue, a marine conservation organization. The special promotion will last until the end of today, but the company hopes it's enough to encourage people to try plant-based fish to help protect the oceans and curtail the destructive practice of overfishing.

Founded by Chad and Derek Sarno in 2016, Good Catch aims to offer delicious, realistic fish alternatives that will both challenge the world's seafood industry and raise awareness about the dangers of overfishing. Good Catch is working with Mission Blue to protect marine wildlife and keep the oceans clean.

The plant-based seafood brand creates innovative seafood alternatives that significantly reduce harm to the environment. Using only six ingredients (peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans, and navy beans), Good Catch delivers a healthy and highly sustainable product with simple ingredients.

For the World Oceans Day promotion, Good Catch will donate $1 for every product sold at Veggie Grill, Rocketbird, Plantega, Bareburger, and PLNT Burger worldwide to Mission Blue. The company will also provide a space where customers can donate directly to Mission Blue via Good Catch's website.

The Seaspiracy Effect

Last March, the filmmakers responsible for Cowspiracy (a documentary that looked at the environmental impact of factory farming) released a film exposing the dangers of the seafood industry called SeaspriacyThe harrowing documentary revealed the dire consequences of massive global fishing. The documentary emphasized that at the current rate of fishing, the oceans will likely be empty by 2048. In regards to pollution, the documentary notes that fishing nets make up 46 percent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Shortly after the Seaspiracy premiere on Netflix, Good Catch secured a $26 million funding round. Worldwide, consumers increased their interest in sustainable seafood. Several companies including the Plant-Based Seafood Co. and Loma Linda have joined Good Catch's mission of reducing worldwide seafood consumption.

What You Should Eat Instead

Vegan seafood is attracting mainstream attention from consumers, activists, and even major investors. Midway through last year, vegan seafood companies secured $116 million. One report claims that the plant-based fish market could reach a top valuation of $1.3 billion by 2031. Now, consumers can find almost all their favorite seafood dishes made completely with plants. From caviar to crab cakes, grocery store and online retailers have stocked up on healthy alternatives designed to protect the oceans.

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