Burger King changed America's fast food menu when it debuted the Impossible Whopper – a meatless variation of its most popular beef burger. Now, Burger King plans to deliver a plant-based iteration of another beloved menu item, the Orignal Chicken Sandwich. This week, Burger King and Impossible Foods teamed up again to unveil the Original Chick'n Sandwich, featuring the new Impossible Chicken Patties.

To test the new menu item, Burger King will roll out the meatless chicken sandwich at select stores in Cincinnati, Ohio. The meatless chicken sandwich can be ordered fully plant-based without the mayonnaise. Note that this burger may not be 100 percent vegan due to cross-contamination on the grill. If possible, ask for the burger microwaved to avoid this possibility. This new meatless chicken sandwich will debut a larger format chicken patty than Impossible's new retail option.

Burger King's new Original Chick'n Sandwich is the third product developed in partnership with Impossible Foods. Other than the Impossible Whopper, Burger King also launched an 8-piece Impossible Nuggets meal, making the meatless chicken sandwich Burger King's second foray into the plant-based chicken category.

“Burger King has demonstrated once again that they know how to deliver innovative options that taste great,” Impossible Foods SVP of North America Sales Dan Greene said in a statement. “Working with them to launch our first-ever chicken patty has been a fun way to continue our partnership. We think fans are going to love this new plant-based twist on the Original Chick’n Sandwich.”

Impossible Chicken Launched Nationwide

Impossible Foods entered the plant-based chicken market last year with its vegan nuggets. The company even debuted a Dino Nuggies variation, marketing its meat alternatives to parents and their children. Earlier this month, the meatless brand unveiled its Impossible Chicken Patties at retailers nationwide. Customers can find the plant-based chicken patties at stores including Sprouts and Safeway before further expansion this fall.

The Impossible Chicken Patties are similarly sustainable to its plant-based burgers. The company claims that this plant-based product uses 44 percent less water, requires 49 percent less land, and produces 36 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions when compared to its poultry counterpart.

Burger King's Vegan Fast Food in Europe

While Burger King remains a plant-based pioneer for American fast food, the burger chain is redefining vegan fast food across Europe. In some instances, Burger King has converted stores to serve primarily plant-based options. For example, The company hosted a "Meat Optional" campaign at one store in Austria. Customers had to choose to eat beef when ordering, but otherwise, the entire menu featured plant-based options as the primary menu.

The chain's plant-based pop-ups have featured vegan variations of Whoppers, Long Chicken Sandwiches, and Nuggets with the help of brands including The Vegetarian Butcher. The chain opens a 100 percent vegetarian location in Spain called Vurger King and launched a one-month-long vegan concept in London this March.

More recently, Burger King opened two plant-based concepts in Switzerland this June. The Basel and Geneva storefronts served a plant-based menu with 14 vegan options for approximately one week. These tests are helping the company fulfill its pledge to offer a 50 percent meat-free menu worldwide.

Customer Are Hungry for Comfort Food Made From Plants

American consumers want sustainable, healthy options now more than ever. Approximately 55 percent of shoppers keep sustainability in mind at the grocery store, according to a report this year. Burger King and other fast food giants are working to provide customers with a planet-friendly option.

The University of Oxford found that plant-based burgers and other meats are up to 10 times more environmentally-friendly than their meat counterparts. With more customers conscious of their environmental footprint, small and large fast-food chains have made plant-based meat more accessible to the American public. Chains such as McDonald's and KFC have launched plant-based options including the McPlant and Beyond Chicken Tender, respectively.

With the vegan fast food market expected to reach $40 billion by 2028, smaller chains have entered the market. Plant Power Fast Food and Noomo have teamed up with franchising agents to bring their plant-based burger concepts to Americans nationwide.

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