Billie Eilish Is the Face of a New Vegan Chocolate Bar

|Updated Nov 15, 2021
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Billie Eilish’s vegan campaign is unstoppable: The pop icon just announced that she will be the face of the new vegan chocolate bar called Happier Than Ever – named after her album released this summer. The vegan confection will make its market debut for a limited launch next month. Support + Feed – an organization founded by Eilish’s mother Maggie Baird that centers around tackling food insecurity, the climate crisis, plant-based eating – announced the new candy bar today via Instagram.

Eilish’s new chocolate bar will begin shipping the vegan confection started on December 1, but fans and chocolate-lovers can order the chocolate bar starting now. The bar features 100 percent organic certified, vegan, and kosher ingredients, packaged in a compostable wrapper made from sustainable materials.

With only eight ingredients, Eilish intends to provide one of the healthiest, sustainable, and straightforward candy bars available. The ingredients include raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, bourbon vanilla extract, tiger nut powder, and chocolate liqueur. The vegan organic chocolate contains 37 percent cocoa that is certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

Consumers can order the Happier Than Ever chocolate bar for  $10 per bar with a maximum of two per order via her website. Alongside the chocolate launch, Eilish’s website features a recipe that uses the chocolate bars entitled Billie’s Mini Vegan Milk Chocolate Buckeyes.

The 19-year-old superstar continues to broadcast the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle across all platforms as well as through her entire career. Eilish adopted a vegan diet seven years ago, citing several reasons including animal cruelty and sustainability. Since then, Eilish has worked across multiple industries to promote and even develop vegan products that innovate currently unsustainable markets.

Eilish will appear in a new documentary entitled They’re Trying to Kill Us released on November 11. The star will join NBA star Chris Paul, Ne-Yo, and other stars, vegan activists, and athletes in discussing how food insecurity and nutritional deprivation are directly linked to racial discrimination in the United States. Eilish will discuss how plant-based eating relates to combatting food insecurity and national nutritional scarcity.

“I want people to see this film,” Eilish said. “It is so important to help all of us understand the depth of the issue, and that we must all take action to change the food system.”

The singer is also working to change the fashion industry and highlight the importance of sustainable materials to replace animal-based leather and fur. Eilish released two new Nike sneakers that feature all vegan materials earlier this year. The new vegan Air Jordan collection features the artist’s signature slime green color – promoting the use of sustainable materials in iconic Nike products for the second time.

During the MET Gala, Eilish wore an Oscar de la Renta dress on one condition: The luxury brand would be required to drop fur from its entire selection. The fashion giant agreed and announced its departure from animal-based materials into the future, and Eilish walked the red carpet in the brand’s dress.

Beyond fashion, the Gen-Z star also just debuted her first fragrance – a cruelty-free perfume with notes of vanilla and cocoa called Eilish. The new fragrance became available at the beginning of November for $68 on The scent is also reminiscent of mandarins, sugared flower petals, and red berries, contained in a specialized amber-colored bottle. Eilish continues to break ground in new industries, bringing plant-based recipes and methods to the industries requiring sustainable innovation.

The Surprising Reasons these Five Country Singers Went Meat-Free

Getty Images

1. Carrie Underwood Loved Her Family's Farm Animals

Seven-time Grammy Award winner Carrie Underwood has been hailed for her “enormous” vocal range. When it comes to her diet, Underwood’s a fan of breakfast burritos and lots of tofu. She doesn’t shy away from the carbs, either. According to Cheat Sheet, one of her favorite snacks is a toasted English muffin with peanut butter.

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2. Blake Shelton Wants to Keep Up With His Older Girlfriend

Singer, songwriter, and “The Voice” coach, Blake Shelton, 43, has been working to stay fit recently with help from his long-time love, Gwen Stefani, who is a vegetarian and told him to get off the meat if he wants to feel fitter and lose some weight. Shelton has been trying to keep up with Stefani's impressive fitness level, according to an interview Stefani gave this fall. The former No Doubt singer and Hollaback girl is a longtime vegetarian, eats a mostly vegan diet, and is super fit-- and at 50, looks younger than her years. A source told Gossipcop, “Gwen’s told him the way to lose it is to stay the hell away from meat and bad carbs.” We're rooting for him!

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3. Shania Twain Has the Key to Gorgeous Skin

The best-selling female country music singer in history isn’t buying any expensive steak dinners after a performance. The “Queen of Country Pop” has sold more than 100 million records but says she keeps her meat-free diet simple. She is both vegetarian and eats very little dairy -- though at times has said she does eat eggs.


4. Annette Conlon, Folk Artist with a Passion

Americana singer and songwriter Annette Conlon is also a passionate vegan. She started “The Compassionette Tour,” in an effort to bring compassion, social consciousness, human interaction, and animal issues to a mainstream audience.

Getty Images/ Michael Ochs Archives

5. Johnny Cash, Walked the Vegan Line Late in Life

The Man in Black is synonymous with country music, even nearly two decades after his death (1932-2003), probably in part because of the biopic about his life starring vegan actor Joaquin Phoenix. Ask any die-hard country music fan (or your dad, for that matter) and they will tell you that Johnny Cash was one of the best-selling musicians of all-time. His scores of hits include “I Walk the Line” and "Hurt" "A Boy Named Sue" and dozens of others. Cash himself was believed to have lived meat-free later in life to help combat some health issues. At Johnny Cash’s Kitchen and Saloon in Nashville, you can also load up on the meat-free dishes as the restaurant boasts a fully stacked veggie menu that includes greens, sweet potato mash, and fried okra.