Sample Beyond Meat at a Plant-Based Food Truck Near You This Summer

|Updated May 19, 2021
Instagram / @beyondmeat

This June, you can celebrate the launch of Beyond Meatballs at 2,100 Walmart locations nationwide and grab some free samples thanks to Beyond Meat food trucks which will be parking at Walmarts in California and Texas to showcase the meatless protein. The meatballs come pre-rolled in 12-packs, and can already be found at Krogers, Garrus Teeters, Whole Foods, Stop & Shop, and Albertson around the country. Walmart already stocks its shelves with Beyond’s Cookout Classic value pack of burgers.

“At Beyond Meat, we are proud to offer a growing portfolio of plant-based meat products that enables us to expand our retail presence,” Beyond Meat Chief Growth Officer Chuck Muth said. “The addition of Beyond Meatballs to Walmart shelves allows us to make available more of our delicious, nutritious, and sustainable plant-based options.”

The debut will be celebrated with barbecues in front of Walmarts in Southern California and Dallas throughout the summer. A food truck will post itself at the front of the stores to offer customers free samples of Beyond Meat products, including the burgers and sausages.

Walmart’s partnership with Beyond Meat follows Costco’s recent launch of the larger format Beyond Meatball pack that rings in at $9.99 for 24 whereas the Walmart 12-pack will be available for approximately $6 to $7.

Beyond Meat Meatballs rolled out at retailers nationwide in September 2020. The company boasts that the plant-based meatballs are “pre-seasoned with a signature blend of Italian spices.” Beyond claims that the vegan meatballs were developed to mirror a conventional Italian meatball. but delivers the meatball products with 30 percent less saturated fat and sodium than traditional Italian-style meatballs.

The plant-based company recently redesigned its Beyond Burger recipe. The Beyond Burger 3.0 was released to enhance its taste, texture and nutritional value, championing 35 percent less saturated fat than its animal-based competitor. The newest version of Beyond Burger will debut at retailers in June, and soon after will be distributed to the foodservice sector.

Beyond Meat products will also be available at more retailers in the upcoming months. The brand recently announced that it will start distributing its products at 7,000 CVS locations nationwide. The company also announced that it will partner with McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, and Taco Bell to further enter the plant-based fast-food industry. The company and its plant-based protein are rapidly becoming more accessible nationwide so that customers can make the brand's products a part of their summer celebrations.