Beyond Meat’s plant-based chicken sector is exploding, developing new products at a rapid-fire pace. The vegan pioneer just launched both its Beyond Chicken Tenders nationwide and its Beyond The Original Orange Chicken at select Panda Express locations, but after only one month the food tech company has unveiled its Beyond Meat Nuggets. The new vegan nuggets are slated to make their market debut at A&W Canada locations. The two companies partnered once before in 2018 when A&W released Beyond Burgers at its Canadian locations, bringing one of the first plant-based burgers to the fast-food market. Now, A&W will be one of the first establishments to help consumers taste the innovative Beyond product.

“Many Canadians are looking for plant-based options, but they don’t want to compromise on taste,” VP of Marketing at A&W Canada Tom Newitt said. “We have been on a search for the best, most delicious plant-based nugget and are excited for our guests to try our new Beyond Meat Nuggets. We think nugget lovers will be very impressed!”

The partnership will allow Beyond Meat to access the fast-food consumer base that is increasingly hungry for plant-based chicken. The launch will push quick-service competitors to adapt their menus to meet the rising demand for vegan chicken. The Beyond Meat Nuggets boast a crispy texture and delicious flavor that does not ask consumers to sacrifice their want for chicken. The innovative plant-based product gives consumers the chance of trying a plant-based protein without robbing them of a fast-food treat.

“Beyond Meat Nuggets couldn’t come at a more perfect time,” Chief Growth Officer at Beyond Meat Deanna Jurgens said. “We’ve doubled down on plant-based chicken this summer, just as consumer demand for chicken is skyrocketing. Following the success of our partnership on the Beyond Burger, we’re proud to be working with A&W Canada to debut Beyond Meat Nuggets in Canada.”

The plant-based food giant spent years developing its vegan chicken recipe, ensuring that the protein alternative would maximize flavor and nutritional value. The nuggets contain 18 grams of protein per six pieces with no GMOs, hormones, cholesterol, or antibiotics. The company aims to create a simple, straightforward plant-based product that will encourage both plant-based consumers and meat-eaters to try its sustainable option. By entering the fast-food market, Beyond Meat is providing an accessible plant-based option to a wider consumer base.

The Beyond Meat Nuggets will be available at every A&W location in Canada for a limited time starting August 9th. The trial period will allow Beyond Meat to assess the popularity and response to the new plant-based chicken product. Customers can order the Nuggets as a six or 10-piece order. The fast-food restaurant will also feature the Beyond Nuggets in the A&W Kids’ Pack.

Beyond Meat debuted its plant-based chicken after years of demand and consumer anticipation. The company released its Beyond Chicken Tenders across the United States at nearly 400 restaurants this July. The mass distribution effort was followed by Panda Express’ introduction of the Beyond The Original Orange Chicken - a plant-based take on the fast-food chain’s famous Orange Chicken. The company continues to make strides by entering the foodservice realm, and soon the United States will see the Nuggets on the menu.

This week, national burger chain Hopdoddy Burger Bar will begin featuring Beyond Meat’s newest version of its plant-based patty. The Beyond Burger 3.0 hit the market earlier this year, showcasing the company’s dedication to making a healthier and tastier burger. Hopdoddy plans to bring this burger to its ten locations scattered across the United States to provide its customers with a healthier and more sustainable option.

“At Hopdoddy, we are all about offering the finest ingredients available, from our Chipperbec fries to our certified all-natural Piedmontese beef and now, our plant-based Beyond Burger that’s made without GMOs,” Hopdoddy Head Chef Matt Schweitzer said. “After tasting Beyond Meat’s newest Beyond Burger patty, we were blown away by how juicy and delicious it was, making it a great addition to the variety of proteins we offer.”

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