Are you having trouble making time to prepare breakfast in the mornings or need a quick boost in the middle of the day? A simple smoothie could be what's missing from your routine. There's no better time to introduce a smoothie into your diet on the Summer Solstice this June 21, because coincidentally (and appropriately) today is both the first day of Summer is also National Smoothie Day!

Whether you need to pack in the nutrients for a workout or you are looking for an energizing breakfast, a smoothie can provide an affordable, healthy option built to endure the busy schedules of the Summer.

Beyond all that, the best part of a smoothie is its customization. You can express yourself through a favorite combination of juices, fruits, vegetables, or plant-based milk, blending up your own Summertime tastes. Refreshing and revitalizing, a smoothie's contents can be personalized for your dietary needs, but what happens when there isn't enough time to get all the ingredients together?

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, getting food delivered directly to the doorstep has become the norm. From food delivery platforms including DoorDash and Instacart, consumers purchase more of their groceries and meals online than ever before.

60 percent of Americans order takeout or delivery and online ordering is growing 300 percent faster than in-house dining. So, to make sure that you can get all the nutrients you need despite a busy schedule, celebrate National Smoothie Day by checking out these seven smoothie delivery services! Each smoothie company offers something a little different and since smoothies are all about personality, the nuances between each one make a huge difference.

The Best Smoothie Delivery Services

1. Daily Harvest

Thanks to the company's full-page newspaper ads in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, Daily Harvest is probably the most recognizable of the smoothie delivery service brands, offering a service that allows customers to fully customize the order size and combination of smoothie flavors. The subscription service includes 27 different smoothie flavors to find the perfect blend for you. The frozen pre-packaged smoothies are priced at $7.99 per smoothie and allow you to pick your liquid of choice before tossing it in the blender.

You can order Daily Harvest on the brand's website

2. Splendid Spoon

Launching in 2020, Splendid Spoon launched to bring nutrient-rich foods to plant-based consumers everywhere. With soups, bowls, and smoothies at the forefront, Splendid Spoon caught the attention of major investors including Danone Manifesto Ventures and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Smoothie lovers can sign up for the Breakfast Plan for $69.99, bringing five protein-packed smoothies to your house every week.

You can order Splendid Spoon on the brand's website

3. Mosaic Foods

Mosaic Foods' selection of plant-based foods ranks as one of the most nutritious delivery options available. Mosaic – gaining widespread popularity since launching in 2020 – even just opened a brick-and-mortar location in Brooklyn this May. But the delivery brand is about to become known for more than its mouthwatering premade meals. Mosaic just announced that it will launch its first-ever smoothie line this National Smoothie Day. The company's new line will include flavors such as Cherry Berry, Cacoa Cold Brew, Yuzu Green, and more. The smoothies will be priced at $7.99 minimum with a $70 order minimum.

You can order Mosaic Foods on the brand's website

4. Juice Press

Keeping New York City energized, Juice Press provides delivery services from 16 storefronts. Originally opening in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, the juice and smoothie chain has developed delicious, nutrient-dense, and affordable smoothies for nearly all of New York. Customers can order pre-made juices or made-to-order smoothies for approximately $11.00 seven days a week.

You can order Juice Press on the brand's website

5. SmoothieBox

SmoothieBox makes all the necessary decisions before you get the delivery so that your meal plan (or smoothie plan) is predesigned to make things easy. SmoothieBox delivers 20 premade frozen smoothie packs (making two smoothies each) with additional boosters that you can add to your order. For example, the Variety Box contains 5 cacao smoothie mixes, 5 green smoothie mixes, 5 clementine mixes, and 5 berry mixes for $119 a month (when you subscribe).

You can order SmoothieBox on the brand's website

6. Evive Nutrition

For a little more focus on health, Evive Nutrition packs in the nutrients to condense frozen cubes that come mailed in wheel-shaped packages. These smoothie cubes melt in 20 minutes and do not need the help of the blender. You can just plop the frozen ingredients into your base liquid, watch them melt, shake it up, and enjoy. Prioritizing ease and affordability, Evive's smoothie cubes come out at $5 per drink.

You can order Evive Nutrition on the brand's website

7. Revive Superfoods

Revive SuperFoods provides a nutrient-boosting, uplifting, ready-for-the-summer smoothie selection that will not break the bank. Each smoothie is $6.99 and features exciting flavors including Pink Dragon or Morning Mocha. Subscription plans range from nine to 24 cups and can be ordered for monthly or weekly deliveries. All the cups come prepped for the freezer and can be easily thawed and blended first thing in the morning.

You can order Revive Superfoods on the brand's website

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