Ariana Grande’s Vegan “God Is A Woman” Perfume to Launch This Month

|Updated Jul 13, 2021
Getty Images for The Recording A

Superstar Ariana Grande recently debuted her newest vegan perfume, called God Is A Woman, titled after her 2018 single with the same name and will be available at Ulta Beauty stores nationwide starting August 1st and online July 29th. Grande announced that her new perfume will be completely vegan and cruelty-free, joining an international push to stop cosmetic animal testing. The fragrance will also use 91-percent naturally derived ingredients.

The pop star rarely speaks about her own plant-based eating since she announced on Twitter in 2013 that she went 100 percent vegan. Grande claims to have followed a low meat diet since childhood and then felt inspired to go completely plant-based. Her vegan lifestyle has extended to activism and the promotion of vegan products.

Grande announced that she would be opening her own animal shelter in November 2020. The Orange Twins Rescue located in Los Angeles opened the shelter to protect injured or ill dogs and cats, working to rehabilitate the animals and find them a new home. Recently, the shelter has begun extending its services to encompass pigs. The shelter is one of the only animal shelters in the area that provides services for pigs in the same way dogs and cats are treated.

The international cosmetic industry is moving away from animal testing as consumer opinion continues to lean against conventional cosmetic manufacturing. The United States has seen several states begin passing legislation that will make cosmetic animal-testing and animal-tested products completely prohibited. California became the first state to pass legislation banning animal-tested cosmetics with the Cruelty-Free Cosmetic Act in 2018. Shortly after, Illinois and Nevada passed similar legislation. Now, Maine, Hawaii, Virginia, and Maryland have enacted bans to end the sale and production of animal-tested cosmetics.

Maine is the latest state to pass legislation banning cosmetic animal testing earlier this year. The bill is an effort to push the cosmetic industry to alter its practice and change the beauty industry as a whole.

“Not only is the practice of testing cosmetic products on animals inhumane, it is unnecessary,” Maine House Representative Vicki Doudera said earlier this month. “Cosmetic companies have the ability to use existing ingredients with a history of safe use and can choose from a wide range of new, non-animal testing methods. These new methods not only spare animal lives, but they also represent the best that science has to offer and can provide data more relevant to human exposure ensuring that cosmetics are safe.”

The United States federal government is also pushing the cosmetic and beauty industries. In 2019, the Humane Cosmetics Act was drafted in a bipartisan effort. Vegan Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) frequently vocalizes the need to move away from all animal involvement in the industry. So far, the act has gained support from more than 900 companies.