California-based Chaumont Bakery and Café opened the doors of its new Chaumont Vegan, a spin-off bakery that will specialize in plant-based French pastries. Founded by Frederic Laski and Laila Abddaim, the bakery’s mission is centered around bringing traditional French pastries to people who follow a plant-based diet, because so much of traditional French baked goods such as croissants and pain suisse rarely can be found without dairy.

“There are so many restaurants in Los Angeles that offer vegan alternatives,” Laski told Veg News. “We noticed all of them offered great food in terms of savory options but when it came to the sweet side it was [mostly] cookies and brownies. So we thought, ‘Let’s give this [vegan bakery] a try.’”

Chaumont Vegan will feature several croissant flavors including almond, chocolate, and strawberry jam alongside many other pastries such as pain au chocolat, fig danishes, and apricot vanilla twists. Although the restaurant hopes to focus heavily on the sweet side, Chaumont Vegan will also offer a variety of savory pastries. The menu showcases a jalapeno and cheese roll that will use Follow Your Heart mozzarella, vegan pepperoni and cheese rolls, avocado toast, and vegan pizza that use a croissant crust.

Laski and Abddaim were hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, as the two owners were forced to close their vegan-friendly, lunch concept Chaumont Street eatery. Following its close, the two opened up Chaumont Vegan after noticing a spiking interest in the plant-based options offered at the flagship restaurant Chaumont Bakery and Café.

“Throughout the last four years within our close circle, we’ve had a lot of friends who have gone vegan and a few who have been longtime vegans,” Laski said. “The ongoing joke became, ‘Hey, when are you going to make vegan croissants?’ And at first, we thought, ‘Hey, there’s no way we can do that.’ But it almost became sort of dare and one day we thought, ‘Let’s try it.’”

Abddaim acts as the restaurant’s recipe developer and spent much of the last year perfecting the bakery’s vegan croissant recipe. The restaurant will eventually expand its gluten-free options as well. Beyond Chaumont Vegan, Laski and Abddaim plan to break ground on a second Chaumont Bakery and Cafe in Santa Monica, California this summer where they will feature a separate fully vegan menu.

Chaumont Vegan is open at 145 South Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills every Friday through Sunday. Eventually, the restaurant will provide its vegan French pastries to sweet tooths across Los Angeles six days a week, but for now, its innovative desserts and savory grab-and-go meals can be purchased on the weekend.


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