Costa Rica’s newest luxury hotel will be completely vegan, giving visitors a fully plant-based and eco-conscious experience. The Mother Earth Vegan hotel is located minutes away from the beach in the town of Tamarindo, a popular tourist destination known for its surfing and beaches. The Mother Earth Vegan resort is a family-run operation that aims to give visitors a sense of comfort while emphasizing the possibilities that sustainable practices can offer.

"The vegan community is growing,” the owners told LiveKindly. “And with it the need for a hospitality experience that caters to them. With such an abundance of fresh ingredients at our doorstep, we were driven to create a plant-based destination for like-minded eco-conscious travelers visiting this beautiful country.

The luxury resort will feature 14 guest rooms built on the family’s former home. The hotel provides a rooftop yoga and healing studio, a natural saltwater pool, and its own poolside vegan restaurant, Off the Grid, that has a zero-waste policy. The entire resort is structured around being an eco-conscious haven for travelers who share these values. The mission extends to each product that the hotel offers including food, drink, cleaning products, and furnishing. The entire resort is also powered completely by solar energy.

“We are the first to pioneer this concept in Costa Rica and we pride ourselves in offering you an incredible travel experience without the cost to animals or the planet,” the owners stated. “All of our experiences are rooted deeply in the land. We have an obligation to look after it to respect it, and care for mother Earth.”

The hotel's restaurant Off the Grid offers a delicious variety of vegan foods. The menu’s selection features portobello and red bean chili, buffalo cauliflower wings, and a grilled kabob skewer using Beyond Meat. Beyond those staples, the menu consists of multiple specialty burgers and a number of rotating specials like mushroom risotto and vegetable cannelloni.

The restaurant and the hotel launched a soft opening on March 5th with monumental success. The restaurant quickly hit capacity and the resorts saw several travelers stay at the resort. The stays at the hotel cost between $112 and $165 per night. The immense success could show a growing trend for luxury hotels to adopt an eco-conscious business structure.

“The feedback has been incredible; our unique space is about soul and authenticity. We could not be happier for the validation,” the owners said.

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