For so many, leaving behind barbeque is one of the biggest hurdles when adopting a plant-based diet. Traditional barbeque is solidly meat-based, but Louie’s Plant-Based recently revealed its Pig Savin’ Ribs to provide barbeque lovers an opportunity to keep the cuisine and lose the meat. The company’s vegan ribs are made with plant-based flours, spices, and a house-made sauce that gives it the smokey, familiar flavor.

The plant-based ribs were developed by co-founder Louis Catizone to feature a BBQ-style sandwich to the brand’s Brooklyn sandwich window, Louie’s Luncheonette. Catizone planned to feature his new vegan ribs in an innovative rib sandwich, which became a favorite item for the shop’s clientele. After the rib sandwich’s popular success, Catizone realized that he wanted to expand his products reach, making the barbecue alternative available to people across New York City.

“I can remember just a few years ago searching high and low for plant-based burgers,” Catizone said. “Now they’re everywhere, but there are still very few options in the grilling category. We want to make barbecuing a much more inclusive space and bring products to market that appeal to vegans and meat-eaters alike.”

Louie’s Plant-Based’s vegan ribs will be available across New York City at multiple retailers including Orchard Grocer in Manhattan and Perelandra in Brooklyn. The brand hopes to encourage local barbecue joints to begin incorporating this plant-based meat into their menus, bringing a vegan rib to many places that do not offer a proper plant-based substitute.

Catizone also announced that his brand plans to host a neighborhood pop-up tour. He hopes to share his new product, introducing a new form of barbeque to many across NYC.

Louie’s Plant-Based’s lunch window offers a variety of plant-based meats for anyone in Brooklyn to enjoy. Between sandwiches such as The Italian which features vegan ham, vegan pepperoni, and dairy-free mozzarella, and the BBQ Chicken sandwich which features the brand’s vegan chicken, Louie’s Plant-Based is innovating meatless proteins for New Yorkers and eventually future local restaurants.

The Pig Savin’ Ribs can now be found on Louie’s Plant-Baed website for $19.99 with shipping available nationwide. The brand plans to bring BBQ to people across the United States, ensuring that a plant-based lifestyle doesn’t mean giving up the grill.

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