Whole Foods is making plant-based pizza night easy for everyone: Greenleaf Foods just announced that it will begin distributing Field Roast Plant-Based Pepperoni and Chao Creamery Creamy Original Shreds to Whole Foods Market locations nationwide. The product reveal will mark the first time a national retailer will feature both Field Roast products. The announcement shows that Greenleaf Foods is facilitating a stronger supplier relationship with Whole Foods, alongside several other product launches.

The plant-based company – owned by Maple Leaf Foods –claims that its vegan pepperoni will be the first product in its category made by pea protein as opposed to soy. Currently, Whole Foods carries the Chao Creamery Original Creamy Slices. The company claims that the signature plant-based sleeves rank as the top-selling cheese alternative in the United States. The slices and forthcoming shreds contain a coconut milk base alongside fermented tofu to maximize the taste and texture of the plant-based cheese.

Greenleaf Foods first debuted the Field Roast Plant-Based Pepperoni when it partnered with the national pizza chain Little Caesars. The companies launched the new Planteroni Pizza at select locations nationwide for a limited time offer. The plant-based pepperoni pizza marked the first time the company offered plant-based protein as a topping.

“We have seen great momentum with our plant-based pepperoni in the foodservice sector, with our recent partnership with Little Caesars and select pizza chains throughout the United States and Canada, and our continued growth with Chao Creamery has been reflected through increased distribution across produce and dairy aisles,” President of Greenleaf Foods, SPC Dan Curtin said.

”As a leading food brand proud to offer both plant-based meats and cheeses, we’re thrilled to launch these two products in Whole Foods Market stores nationally during National Pizza Month, inviting new and existing fans alike the chance to add bold, delicious flavor to their plant-based meals.”

The plant-based company also just announced that it will exclusively distribute its Lightlife brand’s grilled chicken product to Whole Foods. The new grilled, unbreaded, whole muscle plant-based chicken will be available at 500 Whole Foods locations, prepared in the retailer’s hot bars, cold bars, and grab-and-go meals.

The increased retail presence put both Lightlife and Field Roast into the forefront of the plant-based market, especially as both brands work to develop plant-based protein alternatives. Greenleaf launched several products in Whole Foods’ discount section including its Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog. The company claims that it is the first plant-based vegan hot dog that uses pea protein instead of soy.

“Whole Foods is known for its high-quality, nutritious, and convenient meal options, and we are excited to partner & launch this innovation to satisfy their customers,”  Chief Research, Development, and Food Technology Officer of Greenleaf Foods, SPC Jitendra Sagili, said. “This unique, versatile design is the result of collaboration with Whole Foods Market’s culinary team that has a taste, color, and pull-apart texture that delivers on chicken experience.”

Greenleaf Foods boasts its nutritional profile and natural ingredients across its entire plant-based selection. The company reworked its Lightlife product selection to remove unnecessary and unrecognizable ingredients. The company wanted to ensure that customers felt better ordering its products, promising to maximize the nutritional content and ingredients.

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