Yoplait’s Oui Yogurt Is About to be Your Newest Dairy-Free Obsession

|Updated Jan 23, 2020
Yoplait Oui Dairy Free Yogurt

General Mills' owned Yoplait just announced that the company is launching a coconut-milk based yogurt under its Oui line of French-inspired yogurts, in four flavors: Vanilla, strawberry, mango, and raspberry, available in January.

It's just one more case of major food companies embracing dairy and meat alternatives as a way of serving a growing consumer-based that is eager to eat less animal fat and protein. Other food giants are also leaping into the arena since Chobani announced it is launching Chobani Oat oat drinks in plain, vanilla, chocolate, and extra creamy. They join a growing number of plant-based yogurts hitting the shelves, including Good Plants Almond milk yogurts, Silk soy yogurts and now oat yogurts, and So Delicious which makes a coconut milk yogurt worth trying. For the entire taste test, check out The Beet's own product reviews to all the plant-based yogurts here.

After doing research into the most desired plant-based dairy-alternative, GM found that since the Oui brand is a rich, thick, treat, in an elegant glass-container with fruit at the bottom, consumers preferred coconut milk to almond or other alternatives, as the best way to capture this upscale taste and texture. They are catering to a sophisticated audience that enjoys the French-style yogurt taste but wants it in a dairy-free option.

The brand will market the new product in its signature glass jars with fruit at the bottom similar to its dairy counterpart.

“Oui Dairy-Free brings a really thick, decadent and delicious dairy alternative in the Oui glass pot,” Katie Erhard, senior brand manager, Oui by Yoplait told VeganBuzz.