Kaavan, the 'world's loneliest' elephant arrived at Marghazar Zoo in Pakistan as a gift from Sri Lanka at one-years-old and has remained there for over 35 years until he was recently rescued. The crippled elephant has lived in the zoo chained to the cement and neglected with no veterinary care or attention. Due to the appalling conditions and mistreatment of wildlife, Islamabad's High Court ordered to close the zoo and move the 30 animals to appropriate sanctuaries for immediate health treatments and companionship. Scroll through the photo below to see images of Kaavan.

International Animal Rights Organization Four Paws was asked to perform a medical examination on Kaavan to determine if he is "fit enough" for transportation. The team of medical experts was led by Dr. Khalil and Dr. Goeritz from the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Leibniz-IZW) who sedated the elephant, took blood samples, measured him, and inserted a microchip in his left shoulder. Their findings showed clear signs of obesity due to malnutrition and lack of physical exercise. "Also, his nails are cracked and malformed which can be attributed to the inappropriate flooring and structure of his enclosure. A lack of enrichments as well as the absence of a partner, have resulted in some stereotypical behavior - he is extremely bored and lonely." Another sign of loneliness is when the "skin appears dull and mottled," according to Elephant Voices.

On a positive note, Martin Bauer, a spokesman for Four Paws said: “Following the checks, which confirmed Kaavan is strong enough, steps will now be taken to finalize his relocation to an animal sanctuary potentially in Cambodia." To support the mission in Pakistan and donate for the animals.

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