Join us today for your nutrition session with a plant-based nutritionist who will answer your questions on how to eat a more plant-based diet! If you have not yet signed up to get your 77-page e-Book, this session is included in the $9.95 cost of the e-Book and program. You'll also get invited to 2 video workouts and one live cooking demonstration. Sign up now! You'll be on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

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Welcome to The Beet's 28 Day Healthy Plant-Based Plan. You've just taken the first step on the path to better health!  Here is the 77-page e-book so you can get the entire program all in one convenient place. Once you are in, and paid your $9.95, you get to: Download the book, and look forward to getting more great content (such as a Zoom nutrition group session, an online cooking demo, two motivating workout videos) and more.. right here!

Your Premium 28-Day Plant-Based Plan for $9.95 Includes:

  • A 77-page e-book that you can print out and keep handy
  • 2 customized video workouts from our contributing trainers
  • 1 cooking demo from recipe developer and founder of The Banana Diaries
  • 1 digital session (in a group) with a plant-based registered dietician
  • Plus everything listed above in the free plan

Your download password is PlantBased28

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Here is the Lineup of Your Bonus Content!

You can download your e-book now so you can plan ahead! Every week you will receive a new video or event that's included with your e-book purchase.

Your first bonus video is a total body workout with Berto Calkins, also known as @whatsgoodberto on Instagram. Berto is a vegan fitness influencer who shows you how to build strong muscle and get into better shape with this quick and effective workout that doesn't require any equipment.

Your second-week video is a cooking demo with Britt Berlin, also known as @the_bananadiaires on Instagram. Britt takes you through a step-by-step recipe tutorial on how to cook the broccoli cheddar soup, which is your go-to healthy lunch for week two. Gather your ingredients and follow along with the video.


In your final week of the 28 Day Plant-Based Meal Planner, you will finish strong with an exclusive workout with Caroline Deisler, a popular vegan fitness blogger who knows how to make exercise enjoyable and effective. Caroline will take you through a total-body, calorie-burning, workout so you can stay on top of your health goals in the months to come. End the week feeling stronger and motivated to continue reaching your goals.

Here Are Your Bonus Content Videos and Event Information

1. Here's your exclusive link to Your Workout With Berto Calkins!

If you want toned, strong, muscles that help speed up your metabolism, Berto Calkins, also know as @whatsgoodberto takes you through an easy, yet effective total body workout so you can get closer to reaching your goals.

In this workout, you will perform everything from lunges to dips to fully engage your entire body. The best part about these exercises is that they can be done anywhere, in the gym, home office, or your living room just like Berto. After this workout, you will feel a slight sweat, worked muscles, and one step closer to your fitness goals.

2. Here's your exclusive link to Cooking Demo with Britt Berlin!

Welcome to week two of your 28-Day Plant-Based Meal Plan! This week you will enjoy a delicious, creamy, and healthy broccoli soup made with onions, broccoli, garlic, vegetable stop, coconut milk, and fresh herbs and spices.

Before you get cooking, watch your exclusive cooking demo by the talented plant-based chef, Britt Berlin, also known as @the_banana_diaries on Instagram. Britt takes you through a step-by-step video on how to make this tasty soup.

3. Here's your exclusive video from Nutritionist, Lisa Danielson.

4. Check back in for your link to Your Workout With Caroline Deisler!

With The Beet's 28-Day Plant-Based plan, you get everything you need to start your happy, healthy year!  Here's to you and your commitment to a healthier 2021!

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