Work out with Danish supermodel Nina Agdal, who after walking the runway and appearing in SI's swimsuit issue, is now heading on a new path to a healthy, strong lifestyle by founding The Agdal Method, a mind-muscle approach that gives you inner and outer strength. This video targets the hardest places to tone, like your booty and abs!


Nina started classes on her app but also opened up an outdoor studio in Amagansett, NY, in a beautiful, distance-friendly space. Personally, I love Nina's classes and I've attended a handful, feeling nothing but a healthy burn and sense of accomplishment while grooving to her bubbly personality and expert-driven workout moves. After a class, I asked Nina if she would create a workout video for The Beet readers to work up a sweat, feel healthy, and get a glimpse of The Agdal Method. This video is ten-minutes long, targets your entire body, focusing on steady posture and repetition to build muscle in the hardest places to tone, like your booty and abs.

Like Nina mentions in the video, all you need is a yoga mat or flat surface where you can perform each move. If you want, add ankle weights to enhance the workout, but they're not necessary. Turn up the volume as Nina queues up her music, and feel better than you did before you started this workout, all in just 10 minutes.

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