Want to eat less meat and more plant-based foods? Mark Bittman, best-selling author of Vegan Before 6 and former food columnist for The New York Times, is putting on his teaching hat and showing you how. He will help you not only eat more plant-based foods but is also sharing his expert cooking techniques while explaining the importance of eating meat-free.

Bittman points out that by reducing your meat intake you can improve your overall health while helping fight climate change. Plus, when you know what you're doing in the kitchen, sustainable plant-based meals can be more delicious, satisfying, and cost less than you might ever imagine. All you have to do to tap into this wealth of knowledge and hear Bittman's personal take on this is sign up for the "How to Eat Less Meat" integrative cooking plan where Bittman will guide you along your meat-free journey.

The four-week program is integrated with SMS capability so once you sign up you can text Bittman while you're cooking one of the nutrient-rich recipes, or if you need advice on how to chop a certain ingredient. The program also comes with video tutorials and stories from Bittman that will help you achieve your plant-based goals.

Mark Bittman Chili recipe

How it works: The course begins every Saturday – unless you change the start date manually when you sign up. On the first day, you'll receive three plant-based recipe options, a shopping list, a technique lesson narrated by Bittman himself, and a personal story.

What to expect: Every evening you'll receive a text, that encourages you to make one of the recipes so you can stay on track with healthy plant-based eating. But, don't worry. If you decide to make the recipes on your own time, or you want to take a break, you can always choose to opt out.

Why do it: Challenge yourself to a month of plant-based eating with a virtual coach by your side. After the first week of eating plant-based, you'll notice the difference in your energy, mood, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, skin, and physical appearance.

Mark Bittman meal program

Here's Exactly How Mark Bittman's Eat Less Meat Plan Works

Weekly Overview

The first day kicks off on Saturday morning with an audio lesson and a detailed list of fresh ingredients for your upcoming recipes.

Exclusive Recipes

On Sunday evening, Bittman shares three original plant-based recipes for you to choose from. If you can’t cook Sunday evening, no problem: You can choose which ‘cooking’ nights work best for your schedule.

Guided Instruction

Each step is accompanied by a visual so you can see exactly how your chipotle chiles should look after chopping or if the consistency of your golden onion base is on point before adding the stock.

Mindful Meals

By the end of the course, you will have the hands-on experience and tactile skills to cook flavor-packed ingredients for enriching, plant-based meals.

Immediately after you sign up, you will receive a welcome message. The course is programmed to begin on the Saturday you selected during checkout (or by default, it will be the first Saturday after the day of purchase). If you register today, your first course content from me will arrive at 9 am your time on the following (or selected) Saturday. Your receipt will arrive via email. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and get cooking with plant-based foods!

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