Food banks across the US distributed over 4.2 billion meals across the nation from March to October of 2020, according to Feeding America. As the pandemic continues to hit workers hard, companies like Vejii are trying to do their part to help people, especially those depending on food banks. Online vegan marketplace Vejii is pledging to donate $10,000 in plant-based protein to food banks across America.

Vejii will donate $10,000 in plant-based protein in exchange for one simple thing that you can do right now: Give the online retailer a follow on Instagram. All you have to do follow @ShopVejii on Instagram and for every new follower received from now until February 28th, Vejii will add $1 toward their target of $10,000. 

Food banks rely on donations from local and national businesses as well as nonprofit organizations. Vejii's donation of plant-based protein will allow food banks to offer more vegetarian and vegan-friendly meals. Vejii is on a mission to help food-insecure people during these tough times. This initiative will help Vejii grow its social community, so the company can continue to roll out future charitable initiatives like this one.

Vejii is actively building the world’s largest vegan marketplace. Online, delivered right to your door. The goal is to make plant-based shopping easier than ever before and to do so in a manner that minimizes our carbon footprint. We are an inclusive company that invites people from all walks of life, and across the dietary spectrum, to join the community.

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