Ready for movie night? One incredible website geared towards the plant-strong set has upped the ante, friends.

As we heard from the folks over at VegWorld Magazine, there’s a fantastic resource out there for vegans looking to watch a flick:

The extensive database of 200+ movies, with the addition of more flicks in the works, helps you find great vegan-friendly content that won’t include any disturbing treatment of animals, as well as inspiring documentaries about vegan diets and vegan-adjacent topics like health, farming, climate change, and more.

Using the site’s search engine, you can filter by genre (action, comedy, documentary, romance, etc.), topic (animal rights, diabetes, environment, obesity, pollution, spirituality, etc.) and streaming platform (free, HBO, Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, etc.). You can also search by tags such as “coming soon,” “no animal actors” and more.

A recent search for health documentaries yielded 45 choices ranging from The Plastic Problem to Running for Good. Coupled with these plant-based cooking channels on YouTube and Zac Efron’s new Netflix series Down to Earth, it’s safe to say we’ve got a busy summer lineup screening in theater one, ahem, our living room couch.

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