January marks the month of Veganuary, a non-profit campaign out of the UK that encourages people all around the world to take a pledge to try and eat plant-based for the month.. It’s a hugely popular movement that has rallied millions in years past, and whether you're interested in going fully meat-and dairy-free or trying a Meatless Monday or leaning into plant-based food for health and wellbeing, more and more companies are offering special deals and promotions. That's where Veggie Grill joins the dialogue: As a way to promote the plant-based movement even further and help people make an impact on their health and the future of our planet, this year, Veggie Grill the largest plant-based restaurant group in the U.S, is encouraging people to take the pledge here and is giving away one prize of “Free Veggie Grill for a Year.”

Here's how it works: The prize will consist of $20 in Veggie Grill credit per week for 52 weeks, for a total value of $1,040. The winner needs to be a Veggie Grill Rewards member and Veggie Grill Instagram follower, who will be chosen at random. Those who sign up or are already a part of the Veggie Grill Rewards program will receive special promotions through the month of January, such as BOGOs and sandwiches for $.99.

Eating plant-Based is on the rise, as is health-conscious consumerism

The pandemic has prompted more consumers to choose plant-based foods than never before, with the rise in sales of plant-based products have grown faster than the sales of other food, according to industry experts. In the four weeks following the peak panic buying period of the spring, total plant-based food sales grew 27%,  which was 35% faster than total retail food sales. And plant-based eating shows no signs of abetting.

One area that has experienced a surge in popularity since the pandemic began is plant-based dining, even if it is restricted to take out due to COVID-19 protocols.

T.K. Pillan, the co-founder of Veggie Grill and one of the leading voices in the plant-based industry, believes that this Veganuary, more than ever, the trend toward more people eating plant-based is making an impact on consumers' health priorities and the environment. Pillan says Veggie Grill is on a mission to help people begin and advance their conscious food journey with crave-able food items, but that are plant-based.

“The Veganuary organization has done an amazing job encouraging people all over the world to try a vegan diet and we are thrilled to support their efforts this year to inspire even more people to go plant-based for January, and beyond,” said T.K. Veggie Grill’s co-founder. “We know that a plant-based diet can have a real impact on the future of our planet, animals, and our health and we aim to support people on their journey by delivering the best the plant-based world has to offer. To celebrate the plant-based movement even further, we are also offering Free Veggie Grill for a Year to one of our lucky reward members.”

As part of the big prize, the winner will also be receiving a case of Better Booch. Apply now and eat veggie (grill) for 52 weeks!

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