NBA Star Chris Paul Partners With GoPuff to Bring Plant-Based Food to Consumers

|Updated Feb 12, 2021
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NBA All-Star Chris Paul invested in delivery service goPuff to bring healthier foods to more consumers. The vegan superstar player and delivery company joined forces in a move that will also serve to support and promote Black business and plant-based products. The basketball player, who went vegan in 2019, has remained vocal about healthy eating and the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses. The star is teaming up with goPuff to broadcast this platform and expand the company’s reach, seeing the potential to better serve a wider range of people in need of this convenient delivery service.

“While so many people strive to be healthier, finding affordable, plant-based food that tastes great can be challenging,” Paul said. “GoPuff has a unique ability to introduce new, healthier brands to customers and then deliver those items quickly. I am passionate about the benefits of a plant-based diet and look forward to working with goPuff to build out their plant-based offering to include a selection of my favorite brands, many of which are Black and Brown-owned, onto their platform today.”

The GoPuff delivery service centers around what it calls “instant needs,” which is increasingly important during the COVID 19 pandemic. Other delivery services like UberEats and Doordash saw similar rises in popularity and use the following stay at home orders, but unlike those services goPuff provides products from its own inventory, focusing on home products, medications, and foods, pretty much anything you could buy from a convenience store.

Paul and goPuff Look to Better Serve Black Consumers

Paul is teaming up with the service to expand its “Better for You” category, fleshing out the plant-based products and ensuring that consumers can browse with ease. He also plans to connect goPuff with Black-owned and operated businesses.

The partnership will be the first step for Paul’s plan to better serve Black consumers and Black entrepreneurs. His desire to pursue this deal came from the importance he feels to support minority-owned businesses during the pandemic. The All-Star hopes to make goPuff a service that caters better to Black consumers, who are three times more likely than white Americans to be vegan. The “Better for You” section is set to increase its selection following this deal and Paul holds high hopes for the future that will play out.

“When we went to the bubble, we wanted to push local businesses and Black-owned businesses,” Paul said. “This is something we want to continue to build on and continue to grow. That’s the most exciting part of this deal.”

GoPuff Now Operates in Over 500 Cities and is Expanding Into California

GoPuff spreads across more than 500 cities with its eyes now set on California. The company recently announced that following the acquisition of alcohol specialty retailer BevMo!, it plans to start delivering across California. The company operates out of approximately 200 “micro-fulfillment centers” where the inventory is stored and distributed. The ability to control its own inventory will allow goPuff to make strides in expanding its products and partnering with new vendors.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Chris Paul to expand our plant-based food and snack offering and make these items more accessible to customers nationwide,” goPuff’s cofounder and CEO Yakir Gola said. “A lot of people can think of ideas and start new businesses, but distribution is the hardest problem to solve.”

With Paul's partnership with GoPuff and Gola, there's a reason to be optimistic that the deal will result in higher accessibility for plant-based products and the promotion of Black-owned businesses. The Phoenix Suns player’s business deal moves the spotlight off the court, and hopefully will be a platform that other businesses and stars follow to be voices for advocacy that directly reaches out to consumers.