Finding a bag of plant-based marshmallows for a campfire can seem nearly impossible because almost every leading brand uses animal-derived gelatin as an ingredient. That's all about to change thanks to the brand Yummallo, who recently debuted a new vegan marshmallow available at Walmarts nationwide. The brand decided to drop gelatin, an ingredient made from pig and cow ligaments, skin, and tendons in order to produce a fully vegan marshmallow.

Yummallo gained fame from its rainbow-colored, non-vegan marshmallows and baking chips, but once realizing how many customers could not purchase its products, the company determined it needed to change. The new plant-based marshmallows contain sugar, corn starch, rice protein, and vanilla, leaving behind the unnecessary animal products typically found in big brand marshmallows.

“We are known for our colorful and fun marshmallows, but our customer have been asking for a gelatin-free marshmallow from us for a while now,” Yummallo co-founder David Walker told VegNews, “We are very happy that we get the chance to bring one to market at an affordable price.”

The plant-based marshmallow might not be the end of vegan innovation for Yummalo: Walker continued to say that depending on this reception and growing consumer interest in plant-based food, the brand would aim to develop a wider range of vegan products for its customers. For now, the gelatin-free marshmallow can be bought for $3.89 for a 10-ounce bag.

The company is also not the first brand on the market to ditch gelatin. Yummalo's new vegan marshmallow follows companies like Trader Joe’s and Dandies which have already released the sweet treat without animal-based ingredients. Dandies’ line of vegan marshmallows rapidly expanded across the United States and Canada, featuring seasonal flavors and different size marshmallows. Whether used for a s’more or hot chocolate, or Rice Krispy treats, the options for plant-based marshmallows are limitless.

Yummallo alongside the other companies will be making marshmallows accessible to all customers by removing one ingredient: Gelatin. As plant-based demand continues to rise, companies experimenting with animal product-free options will keep cropping up to meet consumer demands.

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