The EVERY Company just revealed its newest innovation that is expertly designed to change the world of artisan baking forever – the vegan egg white. The San Francisco-based company just announced the world's first fully plant-based egg white, which the company claims cooks and whips exactly like traditional egg whites. To prove the vegan egg white’s usability, EVERY partnered with Chantal Guillion – the highly acclaimed French macaron company – to debut the EVERY EggWhite in its signature macaron products.

EVERY’s remarkable creation is the product of extensive research and development efforts by the company. The company works with precision fermentation to create a real animal protein without a single animal, giving the vegan egg white the exact texture and taste of real egg whites. The innovative production method allows EVERY’s egg white to function indistinguishably from real egg whites, and grants companies like Chantal Guillon the ability to seamlessly use the company’s new ingredient.

“The egg white is one of the crown jewels of the food industry, known for its unique functional properties that make it almost impossible to replace –– until today,” CEO and founder of EVERY Arturo Elizondo said. ” Today is also the first time consumers anywhere in the U.S. can get a taste of EVERY EggWhite and the fruit of seven years of deep R&D.”

The food tech company revealed that the new egg white will possess all the functionality of real egg whites without any of the costs from chicken farming. The sustainable alternative requires far less water and land, substantially reducing greenhouse gas emissions. EVERY’s partnership with Chantal Guillon aims to showcase this new ingredient's potential, proving itself at the highest levels of artisan baking.

“It is an honor to bring this to the world with a brand known for having the highest standards – Chantal Guillon, and in an application that has been touted as the ultimate litmus test of egg white functionality in the culinary world: the iconic French macaron,” Elizondo continued. “The era of truly uncompromised food is here: all the taste, none of the baggage.”

Beginning this week, pre-orders for nationwide shipping of the EVERY EggWhite and Chantal Guillon macarons will open to the public. The macarons will also be available for in-store purchase in Palo Alto, California, and San Francisco. Starting on March 30, people across the Bay Area will be able to order the macaron through select delivery services including GrubHub and UberEats. The box will cost $28, featuring six impressive flavors that include Earl Grey, passionfruit, pistachio, strawberry, Tahitian vanilla, and dark chocolate.

“Our mission is to push boundaries and bring the best ingredients and techniques to the macaron, the iconic French pastry,” Chef Patrick Lassaque, co-owner of Chantal Guillon with wife Lubna Lassaque, said. “We never compromise on our quality or taste, which is why we were elated to partner with EVERY to do what’s never been done before: create a truly uncompromised macaron for the world – kind, sustainable, and incredibly delicious. Bon Appetit!”

The EVERY Company Wants to End Animal-Based Ingredients

The EVERY Company launched in 2014 – initially branded Clara Foods – with the central mission to render animal proteins redundant. Through precision fermentation, the company achieved the impossible. Chef Lassaque even mentioned that he would consider using EVERY EggWhite for other recipes. The renowned pastry chef revealed that even though he experimented with other plant-based alternatives, nothing came close to the new vegan egg white from EVERY.

The California-based company recently secured its biggest funding round with $175 million. The funding package allowed EVERY to increase its production capabilities and accelerate its animal-free egg protein development. Now, the company intends to showcase its new, revolutionary product within the restaurant and baking industry to everyone.

"Where plant-based proteins often fall short on delivering on functionality and taste, EVERY EggWhite is highly functional because it is nature-equivalent to conventional egg white proteins. It foams, binds, gels, and whips just like your typical egg white, enabling brands to formulate across a variety of applications," an EVERY spokesperson told The Beet. "And there is no taste trade-off - it tastes just like egg whites from chickens." Due to its highly-functional properties, the EVERY EggWhite is a hassle-free option that enables customers to transition to a more sustainable, ethical, kinder egg white protein without compromising texture or taste.

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