Trader Joe’s is rapidly elevating its plant-based offerings, stacking its shelves across all its locations with fresh, innovative vegan foods. Over recent years, the grocery company has accelerated its plant-based development, working across all food categories to bring consumers plant-based alternatives that don’t make customers sacrifice their Trader Joe’s favorites.

Trader Joe’s executives discussed that the company plans to increase its vegan offerings in every category during an episode of its podcast “Inside Trader Joe’s,” and the company has not failed its promise. From its vegan bolognese to its new Vegan Enchilada Casserole, the grocery chain is not slowing down its vegan production and distribution. Throughout August, Trader Joe’s shoppers have already found six new specialty vegan foods.

1. Vegan Meatless Meat Eater’s Pizza

This week, the national grocery chain just released a new meat lover’s pizza with three plant-based proteins and Trader Joe’s dairy-free cheese. The Vegan Meatless Meat Eater’s Pizza will be topped with plant-based pepperoni, Italian sausage crumbles, and vegan chorizo crumbles. The three proteins will be accompanied by vegan mozzarella shreds.

The new vegan pizza follows the company’s vegan cheese launch that occurred last summer. The brand revealed two cashew-based dairy-free cheeses with the Cheddar Style Slices and the Mozzarella Style Shreds (priced at $3.99 per 7-ounce package). The plant-based chorizo and Italian Sausage have been seen before in other vegan iterations of Trader Joe’s products, but this is the inaugural product for the chain’s new vegan pepperoni.

The Vegan Meatless Meat Eater’s Pizza is available at $5.99 per pie. The nutritional label states that the vegan pizza provides three servings.

2. Vegan Cream Cheese Alternative 

For bagel lovers, Trader Joe’s just rolled out a new version of its dairy-free spread for plant-based consumers. The new Vegan Cream Cheese alternative presents a dairy-less option for the morning breakfast. The product blends soy protein, sunflower, oil, and coconut oil to create easily spreadable cream cheese. This option is the newest iteration of the company's previous vegan cream cheese, and reportedly the firmest version so far.

The Vegan Cream Cheese alternative can be purchased across all Trader Joe’s locations nationwide for $2.99 per 8-ounce container. The vegan cream cheese product is one of the most affordable on the market, making it an extremely desirable addition to the grocery chain’s plant-based line.

3. Organic Coconut & Avocado Oil Vegan Ghee Blend

Trader Joe’s just revealed its first vegan ghee alternative, aiming to help home cooks leave behind dairy-based cooking ingredients. The Organic Coconut & Avocado Oil Blend Vegan Ghee Alternative combines avocado and coconut oils to produce a thick ghee-like product that will work to make a variety of Indian recipes vegan when calling for ghee.

Consumers can find the ghee alternative on the shelves starting at $4.99 per 8 fluid ounce container. Some consumers suggest using the ghee to spread on a piece of toast or saute veggies. This marks the first time Trader Joe’s has produced a vegan ghee.

4. Mini Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Cones

Trader Joe’s took over the dessert department with its Hold The Dairy! non-dairy ice cream cones. The new vegan dessert product is a plant-based twist on the store’s popular Hold the Cone! mini ice cream cones. The new ice cream cones remove all dairy from the ice cream and the chocolate coating to bring consumers a completely plant-based dessert option.

“The cone is crunchy, the dessert is creamy, and the whole vegan mini-cone experience is a big deal… especially when you’re eating dairy-free,” Trader Joe’s describes the new item.

The new Mini Coconut Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Cones feature a waffle cone with coconut milk-based ice cream. The waffle cone is coated with chocolate on the inside and then filled with chocolate-chocolate ice cream. The 12 mini cones can be purchased for $3.99 per package.

5. Organic Vegetarian Chili

The grocery chain also released a new version of its Organic Vegetarian Chili. Complete with red beans and onion, the Vegetarian Chili is protein-packed at 13 grams per container. The ingredient list in full contains red beans, tomato paste, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, and onions, coming together to make the delicious plant-based version of Trader Joe’s canned chili.

Purchase the 14-ounce can of comfort food at any Trader Joe’s location for $2.29. This is the second iteration of the plant-based chili, promised to be packed with more nutrients and flavor than the initial version.

6. Tofu Scramble with Soy Chorizo 

Instagrammer @bigboxvegan spotted a new Trader Joe’s Vegan Tofu Scramble with Soy Chorizo. The premade stir fry breakfast combines several of Trader Joe’s signature products including its tofu and plant-based chorizo alternative. The new product was initially spotted in Tustin, CA, but should be available at all Trader Joe’s locations within the month.

The Tofu Scramble can be found for $3.99 per 10-ounce package. The blend of spices, crumbled tofu, and soy chorizo makes for a complete, protein-rich breakfast that easily serves two people. Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo contains a delicious blend of paprika, sea salt, vinegar, red pepper, and garlic powder to bring the traditional taste of the classic Spanish sausage. The company’s website suggests that customers “make a quick breakfast burrito. Or saute it with oven-roasted potato wedges for an intriguing brunch time side dish that will have your guests raving.”

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