Tom Brady never lets a training day go to waste. It appears that when he is not hurling perfect spirals down the field he's launching new health and performance products on the regular,. Fast on the heels of his newly released paperback edition of The TB12 Method with all-new material and recipes, his company, TB12, which he co-founded with business partner and longtime body coach Alex Guerrero, is introducing two new supplements, Perform and Recover.

When you're the oldest playing QB in the league, everyone wants to know your secrets

For anyone who hasn't been paying attention to what makes this six-time Superbowl champ still keep playing at peak performance --at 43 he is the oldest starting QB in the NFL, now for the Bucs-- his answer is in TB12, the health and wellness brand co-founded by Brady and his longtime body coach Alex Guerrero. Brady may be able to go like the Everready Bunny, but he shares his secrets to success in his book, plus his eating a mostly plant-based diet, and his clean line of supplements.

“Supplements are a key component of TB12’s holistic approach to health and wellness to support an existing dietary regimen," said TB12's CEO John Burns. "Our newest launch, Perform and Recover, is a unique duo that features powerful and diligently sourced ingredients to help people reach their full potential in the short-term and sustain it for the long-term."

He adds: "The ingredients in Perform are shown to supports energy, focus, and mood while the ingredients in Recover are shown to supports joints, muscles, and movement. Together, they help people achieve their personal best.”

Designed to help weekend warriors and serious athletes alike keep playing, riding, running, or competing at peak levels of performance well into your 30s, 40s, and beyond, TB12 offers the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals the body needs to push hard, recover faster, and avoid injury. Formulated to provide daily support to keep your body primed to perform at its highest levels and recover quickly, these supplements are designed to provide clean protein, ready fuel without any unwanted or unhealthy ingredients.

One thing that's unique about the Perform supplement is that it supports the brain as well as the body, and since TB himself believes that a positive mindset and laser-sharp focus are the keys to training the body, this is a unique approach to training and building fitness.

Not a football star? No problem. However you want to move, TB12's new supplements are your next weapons if your goal is to "keep going" as Tom Brady's brand urges you to do -- and perform at your personal best for as long as you want.

TB12 Created PERFORM to help your body be "Ready for Everything"

Perform is a plant-based nootropic (designed to keep your brain and neurons sharp and focused as you train) formulated with a blend of Rhodiola, mango leaf, ashwagandha and selenium. The ingredients in Perform have been shown in studies to help:

  • Promote energy & focus (Rhodiola & Mango Leaf)
  • Support cognitive function and stress management (Ashwagandha)
  • Support mood (Sceletium)

So much of performance is mental, and this supplement is designed to help you keep your brain focused and your intentions front and center and not let the mind wander to what's on your desk, your fight with your kid, or your annoying to-do list, so Perform is meant to help you focus on your workout and then return to life's other distractions later, when you're out of the gym or off the track.

TB12 Designed RECOVER because they believe "Movement Makes Moments"

The second supplement TB12 is releasing is Recover, a natural anti-inflammatory formula created with active ingredients that include Boswellia, tart cherry, curcumin, and egg membrane (so this is not a vegan mix). The compounds that have been shown to help

  • Promote anti-inflammatory effects (Boswellia, Tart Cherry, Curcumin)
  • Promote muscle recovery (Tart Cherry)
  • Improve joint stiffness (Egg Membrane)*

* Note: This means the Recover formula is not strictly vegan

The suggested retail price for each is $60 USD  or combined $110 as a set. To purchase visit  Recover, Perform,  the Set Box, and TB12s other supplements.

TB12 Perform and Recover

Want to try them out and let us know what you think? When you're done performing at your peak and recovering swiftly and free of injury, please add a comment to our Facebook page.

Meanwhile, keep eating a mostly plant-based diet, which is the surest way to perform at your peak, run clean, and recover faster.

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