Tom Brady has proved to the world as he plays his 21st season as the oldest QB in the league that a plant-based diet is great for longevity, strength, and endurance. Some people can barely believe that Tom Brady has achieved six champion rings and is still going strong on a mostly plant-based diet.

Over the years he and his business partner and body coach, Alex Guerrero have evolved their strategies into TB12, the company that offers plant-based protein powder, recovery drinks, and other performance fuel, as well as one best-selling book and a host of other equipment to help athletes inspired by Brady's success reach their owner personal best. Now they are adding to this content and product suite a new way to connect and learn from the master: TB12's podcast called The Keep Going Podcast is launching today, hosted by TB12 CEO John Burns. The show will promote the company’s messaging around a holistic approach to health for athletes and everyday desk jockeys alike.  The episodes feature conversations about healthy dietary options that do not revolve around meat and dairy and will showcase athletes and health and nutrition experts who share a passion for longevity and how to best live an active, healthy lifestyle.

The audio show focuses on the intersection of sports, health, plant-based lifestyle choices and of course how you can use all the TB12 products to reach your performance and wellness goals. Tune into the Keep Going podcast with John Burns and guests, starting today on Spotify or Apple Music.

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