You love chocolate granola. You love helping the world. Well, we just found your ideal snackmate.

We’re pleased to report the arrival of purely elizabeth.’s chocolate hazelnut grain-free granola with MCT oil. Through the end of the month 10% of June sales will benefit Soul Fire Farm, a nonprofit devoted to combating racism and injustice in the food system, primarily through a BIPOC-centered community farm in Petersburg, New York and community programming.

If you’re looking for more ways to get involved, learn more on actions you can take, how to become a volunteer with Soul Fire Farm, and more, go here. You can also donate directly here.

As for the granola, it’s safe to say this sweet blend will quickly become your breakfast go-to. Naturally sweetened with coconut sugar, this vegan and keto- and paleo-friendly snack is studded with dark chocolate chunks, hazelnuts, and organic MCT oil from coconuts. (MCT oil stands for medium-chain triglyceride and is believed to be beneficial for appetite control, energy, and fighting bodily inflammation, among other health perks.) Whether you eat it straight or chase it with non-dairy milk, we’re confident you’ll sing the praises of this sweet, crunchy delight⁠—and feel even better munching your snack down with a purpose.

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