This week, many companies spoke out about the Black Lives Matter movement. Supporting the movement goes beyond "corporate responsibility" –it's corporate humanity. But a few plant-based brands are taking action and actually funding the movement.

This ongoing funding will become a critical part of the success of the Black Lives Matter movement over time. Here are the vegan-friendly companies that have pledged donations or contributions, so you may choose to support.

Many of the plant-based brands that we report on here at The Beet stepped up in a big way—including Purple Carrot which donated $40,000, and Miyoko’s Creamery which is donating to Black Lives Matter and the NAACP —while also encouraging their customers to do the same.

Earlier this week one of the fastest-growing west coast vegan fast-food chains, Plant Power Fast Food, said it’s dedicating 100% of its profits this weekend (June 6th-June 7th) to two organizations: NAACP and the Black Visions Collective. Plant Power Fast Food has locations in Ocean Beach; Encinitas; Redlands; San Diego State University (SDSU); Long Beach; and Riverside. All locations are participating in the initiative. (If you can’t make it to a Plant Power location, consider donating directly to one of their partner organizations.) It seems like each day the list of brands publicly showing support, and actually taking action, are growing. 

Partake Foods is Giving 100 Percent of Proceeds This Weekend

Partake Foods, a black-owned plant-based and allergy-free cookie company, is giving a portion of their sales this month to a number of organizations. A post on their Instagram reads this: “This month, 10% of total sales from our website will go to the amazing efforts of @foodequality & @emilybrownspeaks to ensure food insecure families with #foodallergies have access to the food, education and advocacy they need and deserve. / more info on FEI at Because of how you already showed up for Partake this month, we will be able to support nearly 500 families from our sales on June 1st and 2nd alone!⁣⁣”

Partake also reminds us that it is critical to specifically and intentionally purchase from black-owned businesses.“Black educators, organizations and companies need our support now and every day,” says Partake Foods in a blog post entitled 100 Black Educators, Organizations, and Companies. “By buying products, spreading the word to your friends and family, leaving reviews and making it a point to become a repeat customer or regular financial supporter, you help Black business owners provide for their families and create products and resources for everyone.” 

Partake Foods in one company you can start with—you can order their tasty cookies online. (And, we’ve rounded up some other black-owned plant-based food and product companies you should support as well.) 


Impossible Foods Is Donating to an Okalnad, CA Local Organization

Impossible Foods is organizing a food donation with Acta Non Verba, a nonprofit that “elevates life in Oakland and beyond by challenging oppressive dynamics and environments through urban farming.” It is founded and led mainly by women of color in the Oakland community. 

HU Kitchen is Donating to Black Lives Matter and the NAACP

HU Kitchen, a vegan chocolate company, has committed to supporting the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Black Lives Matter and other organizations. “Today, that work starts with the following actions: our company and our founders are collectively donating $125,000 to the @naacp_ldf, @campaignzero, @blklivesmatter, and @soulfirefarm,” a post on their Instagram reads. “We will also be continuing our team education through a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens, working to facilitate open conversations about anti-racism, violence, and equal justice.” 


Daiya Foods is Donating to Those Experiencing Food Insecurity

“We have spent much of this week pausing, listening and learning with the intention of proceeding thoughtfully and with clear actions against inequality and discrimination,” an Instagram post from Daiya reads.

They say they are taking some specific steps guided by their values which include the following:

  • Increasing donations to those experiencing food insecurity (which includes supporting a long-standing partner in Minneapolis).⁣ 
  • Match their team’s donations for causes that support the equality movement.⁣
  • Engaging in ongoing dialogue with their team and providing education to guide future actions in a more informed way.⁣


No Evil Foods is Donating to 2 Organizations, and Encouraging Others to As Well

The plant-based meat company No Evil Foods has made multiple donations over the last several days including to the Black Trans Travel Fund and Color of Change. They lay out easy ways to donate and are encouraging their followers to contribute these organizations as well. 


GT Kombucha is Donating to the George Floyd Memorial Fund

GT says they are supporting the George Floyd Memorial fund and asks that their followers join in that support:


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