Search through Youtube or sift through the Internet and you'll find tons of vegan cooking videos. But turn on the TV, and unfortunately, that's not the same case. As a cooking show fanatic who is also plant-based, I find myself conflicted when I watch my favorite cable TV cooking shows, which often feature meat, dairy, and fish as the main event in their recipes. It seemed impossible to find dishes on TV that were suitable to cook for myself.

Luckily, a new vegan cooking show, New Day, New Chef, has hit Amazon Prime. Jane Velez-Mitchell, former CNN Headline News journalist and bestselling author will bring the show to life as the host. Velez-Mitchell is best known for her two decades of experience as a vegan as well as her passionate advocation of animal rights.

In the six episodes that have been released, soon to be eight with two more episodes on the way, vegan celebrities and athletes join Velez-Mitchell to cook by her side. NBA star John Salley, Olympic Cyclist Dotsie Bausch, and "90210" actress Christine Elise are just a few of the plant-based celebrity guests featured on this show.

Easy Plant-Based Cooking

New Day, New Chef was developed to show viewers that plant-based cooking is not only easy but also just as delicious as non-vegan recipes (if not more). Each episode features a different celebrity guest alongside Velez-Mitchell cooking up vegan recipes like Italian Stuffed Peppers, Veggie Tacos, and Gazpacho.

One spectator left a glowing review, saying, "Finally a healthy and conscious cooking show. I was delighted to see such a huge variety of yummy dishes and all super simple to make. I'm glad we have come a long way with our knowledge on health and there are infinite options...This is binge-worthy!"

Add New Day, New Chef to your queue of shows to stream for vegan recipe inspiration!

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