This January, as people line up their resolutions and "good" behavior changes, a UK non-profit organization is trying to bump alcohol and sugar resolutions out of the top spots and encourage people to go vegan, for their health and the sake of the environment. The Washington Post reports that "Veganuary" is heading over to the US from the UK and the group is leading with two major reasons for people to kick meat to the curb: The environment and health. To read the story on the Veganuary trend, check out The Washington Post.

If you want to do The 21 Day Plant-Based Challenge on The Beet, we will be kicking off our 3 weeks of healthy plant-based eating the first week of January. Get ready to change the way you eat and feel better, be healthier and help the planet too. Veganuary, here we come! Note the difference is that The Beet gives you a 3-week program so you have some wiggle room. It's not easy to start a change on January 1st (after a night of celebrating) so we will kick it off a little later and allow you to complete it during any 21 days you like. Birthdays and other occasions can be fit into the plan, easily, and we will provide the tips, expert advice and recipes to help you succeed. Get ready to go plant-based, your way!

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