Macadamia nut milk brand Milkadamia will be bringing consumers nationwide plant-based milk right to their doorsteps. The company just launched a milkman service that mirrors that of old-school dairy delivery in hopes that the convenience will encourage consumers to try this plant-based milk. Consumers across the United States will be able to get Milkadamia products delivered directly to their homes and even sign up for a regular milk subscription service.

The Milkman 2.0 service will provide the most convenient option for plant-based milk, allowing customers to passively shop for their milk products. The brand hopes that by redefining the milkman phenomenon it can connect with households across the country and encourage people to adopt plant-based alternatives. By making plant-based milk more accessible, Milkadamia wishes to see people try dairy-free products.

“What setsMilkadamia apart from the plethora of plant-based milks and creamers is the creamy, slightly decadent taste of our macadamia nut non-dairy products and the rich mouthfeel,” CEO Jim Richards said. “Because it blends perfectly with any dish, Milkadamia helps create artful, delicious plant-based meals, desserts, smoothies, and lattes.”

The milkman service will provide one-off cases of six for those who want to try the products. For regular customers, the company’s subscription service will be available for every three, six, or 12 months. The Milkadamia products come in Lightly Sweetened and Unsweetened Milkadamia milk, Cinnamon Creamer, and a Latte de Milkadamia.

After the COVID-19 pandemic caused a surge in online shopping, the company decided that it could benefit by adapting to serve the consumer trend. According to a report from Digital Commerce, online markets experienced a nearly 50 percent rise in shopping. With consumers shopping at home, Milkadamia hopes that it can follow this momentum.

Milkadamia started in 2015 on an Australian family-owned macadamia farm and is now headquartered in Chicago, IL. Since its launch, the nut-based milk can be found in retailers across the US and more than 3,000 cafes now offer Milkadamia as a creamer substitute. The new direct-to-consumer service will likely spike interest in plant-based milk, bringing a new twist on tradition to consumers nationwide.

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