Ever get tempted by a KitKat or Snickers at the grocery store checkout and wish there was a plant-based equivalent? Trupo Treats has made a vegan milk chocolate bar that will rival chocolate giants Nestle and Mars. The young start-up aims to redefine milk chocolate, providing consumers who have transitioned to a plant-based diet or just steer clear of dairy, with alternative chocolate bars that mirrors dairy products like KitKat and Twix. The Trupo Treats chocolate motto is “For the people, animals, and planet,” advocating for a product that gives plant-based eaters a company to support outside of the milk chocolate giants.

Trupo Treats was founded by Brian and Charlie Trupo, who at only 22-years-old have set forth a mission to develop sustainable and delicious candy alternatives. Beyond creating a chocolate bar that excludes animal products, the twins pride themselves on creating a company that champions ethical practices in its supply chain, ingredients, and manufacturing.

“We started this company with a mission to provide vegan milk chocolate that people miss when they go vegan whilst also doing good for the environment and animals,” Brian said.

The company is releasing a wide range of vegan chocolate options. The Trupo duo felt overwhelmed by the surplus of dark chocolate on the market, recognizing the market gap for an alternative milk chocolate product. The company is debuting a multilayered Mylk Chocolate Wafer Bar, a Mylk Chocolate Caramel Cookie, and a vegan ‘KitKat’.

Trupo Treats will also showcase a Mylk Chocolate Rice Crunch Bar and a Mylk Chocolate bar similar to Hershey’s. The range of treats will give consumers everything they miss from leaving behind dairy products. The Trupo Treats chocolates will be available across the United States.

Trupo Treats Offer a More Ethical Supply Chain

The chocolate will be certified fair-trade as well as non-GMO and organic ingredients. On top of excluding dairy, none of the products will contain soy, peanuts, palm oil, or gluten, making them great options for consumers with allergies.

The brand claims that it will be the first vegan milk chocolate company that donates 10 percent of its proceeds to charities. The company hopes to support a number of animal sanctuaries with its profits, and so far, Trupo Teats has donated $5,500 to over 75 charitable organizations. Some of the organizations include Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary in Colorado and Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary in Virginia.

The vegan milk chocolates will be available starting today. Trupo Treats will hit markets wrapped in a completely environmentally friendly wrapper. The new vegan milk chocolate bars provide the perfect alternative for Nestle and Mars products, giving plant-based chocolate lovers a chance to step away from bitter dark chocolate and enjoy something sweeter.

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