Stella McCartney has done it again. Her newest collaboration with the iconic British brand Hunter just came out and the result is a boot so chic and rugged that it makes us all look forward to rainy days.

The boots are typically sustainable for McCartney who is a well-known animal rights activist and vegan whose products always set the bar high. These boots are no exception: They are created from sustainably sourced rubber from forests in Guatemala, where no deforestation or waste occurred in their production.

McCartney, who is known for her sophisticated ready-to-wear and high-end fitness line with Adidas, just took on the role at LVMH of sustainability advisor last July to help the French luxury conglomerate bring all of its labels into the sustainable future through thoughtful innovations and collaborations. McCartney and Hunter are both popular brands that set the bar extremely high in the world of sustainable fashion, producing what they are calling "the most sustainable designer boot ever made."

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The boots were recently seen on the runway at Paris Fashion Week Winter’19, Stella x Hunter boots are unlike any others. Trendy and comfortable, Stella brands her name on the front of the boot where "Hunter" would normally be placed and adds a small Stella tag in the back that helps the wearer pull the boot on. Each pair retails at $475 and comes in three different colors: Black, green, and grey.

These boots are fitted with stretch inserts made from Yulex™, which is a plant-based neoprene. (The material creates 80% less climate-altering carbon dioxide than normal neoprene.) The boots are completely animal-free, cruelty-free, and 100% vegan. Take a natural step in these designer boots and learn more about the collaboration here.

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