These days, we’ve all been enjoying precisely 573% more reality TV than we’re used to. Netflix’s Love Is Blind? Meet you at the pod. American Idol? We're team Dillon. Survivor? You bet we’ve been binging. Top Chef? Don’t mind if we do.

But above all, we’ve been enjoying getting back to our reality roots with endless couch marathons of The Real Housewives of... Everything. Among our favorites is The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, especially with feisty cast member Lisa Rinna, formerly an actor whom you may recognize from the soap opera Days of Our Lives and the ‘90s drama Melrose Place.

That and she actually has what appears to be a solid marriage to Harry Hamlin. Compared to all the drama on those shows, this is one union that appears to be normal. The only cheating this wife and mother does is on her vegan diet.


Now, as we read in a recent profile of the 56-year-old reality TV star in Prevention, we can count her among the ranks of plant-based eaters: Rinna is a self-proclaimed “dirty vegan,” admitting that she adheres to a mostly vegan diet with occasionally cheating.

“I try to fill my body with good stuff because if I don’t, I feel terrible. So it’s that simple,” she told OWN in 2015 of her diet regime. “Sometimes, I’ll have an ice cream sundae but if I had one every day, I would feel awful, and I know that. So [I stay] very disciplined. Because selfishly, I’d like to feel good. And it’s really that. I like to feel good and I like to look good. And if I feel good and look good, two things that I don’t have to beat myself up over, how nice is that? Whether that’s superficial or not, folks, that’s the truth.”


And look good she definitely does. The svelte star certainly has an impressive physique, which she also credits to her regular yoga practice.


Rinna isn’t the only celebrity who follows a mostly vegan diet. As Kelly Ripa’s nutritionist Daryl Gioffre shared with us, the 49-year-old talk show host sticks to a 99% plant-based diet, occasionally splurging with wild-caught fish. Focusing the bulk of her diet on alkalizing foods, Ripa avoids acid-forming foods as much as possible.

“Here’s what I love most about Kelly: she defines balance! She lives an 80/20-balanced lifestyle, where she eats alkaline 80% of the time, and never more than 20% acid-forming foods,”  Gioffre explained to The Beet. “Our motto when working together with her demanding schedule is it’s all about moderation, not deprivation,” he continues.

When it comes to eating healthy, we totally agree with that ethos. But hey, Lisa, how about you out swap that heaping bowl of ice cream for a vegan banana split sundae? 

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