This piece in The New York Times does a great job of explaining that "plant-based" eating is often confused with vegan eating. Plant-based eaters are mostly motivated by a desire to be healthier whereas vegan lifestyle is born out of a concern for animal rights. Read this story, which covers the trend toward plant-based eating and know that whatever your motivation, The Beet is here to serve your needs and wants to help you live your healthiest life, while respecting the reasons you are eating a plant-based diet. As one person told us recently, you often start from one perspective and then all the reasons merge together. We get that.

One detail that separates plant-based dieters and vegans is honey: Vegans don't eat it -- since it's the bee's food, and the honeycomb is their home and often gets destroyed when honey is extracted. We suggest using maple syrup in recipes that call for a similar type  of sweetener. Read the Times piece and let us know what you think!

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