I wake up every morning and before I even get out of bed I check my feed and instead of just seeing all the late-night fun I missed, now I am also treated to a steady visual motivating diet of plant-based meals, gorgeous vegan influencers showing their fit bodies or scenery from beautiful trips to places where eating healthy and living on verandas, like Greece, the Amalfi Coast, Bali, or other clean-living destinations where blue sky meats lush green forests. I luxuriate in the styles of sustainable fashion, the glow of cruelty-free beauty, and I am inspired to live this plant-based, healthy life and be part of this community.

Whatever your relationship is with Instagram (lover, hater, indifferent) for people like me who love to view the photogenic lifestyles of others in the worlds I'm most inspired by, like fitness, fashion and healthy living, it's made it easier than ever for me to be motivated to stay on track.

So I decided to share my favorite plant-based or vegan influencers, to help you get treated to a stream of content that shows beautiful recipes, healthy living, and travel. Once you start to like these posts, you will even see the ads for foods and fashions and destinations that will to conform to your interest in a plant-based health lifestyle.

If you want to wake up to the beautiful pictures that make plant-based or vegan living seem doable and delicious follow these ten influencers right now!

A Note: Since the vegan lifestyle is constantly growing there are more and more influencers we come across day-to-day. We will publish new influencers on a regular basis, to give you the best of the best vegan and plant-based accounts, whether it be recipe developers, athletes, fitness or wellness bloggers, or vegan motivational accounts. Send us your favorites to include, at info@thebeet.com. Here are the 6 best influencers you need to follow right now.

1. Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram @fullyrawkristina

Kristina is a "raw" vegan, meaning she only eats uncook plant-based food straight from the earth -- what could be more natural and motivating than that? Focusing on health and spirituality, Kristina has gained a large audience of 1 million followers by sharing her story of overcoming diabetes through a raw vegan diet.

Her recipes are easy to make and she provides all of the ingredients in her posts and sends fans over to her YouTube channel for cooking tutorials. She creates food challenges to encourage others to eat raw vegan for a specific amount of time, usually a week.

Want to live the life? Kristina hosts a retreat for 7 nights and 8 days in Bali, that will transform your life mentally, physically, and spiritually while eating only raw and vegan food while practicing mindfulness by doing yoga, connecting with nature, and participating in breathing "awakening" classes. If you want to learn more about her diet and get inspired to achieve your health goals, give her a follow.

2. Rose Lee @cheaplazyvegan

Her Instagram user name says everything. Rose is an influencer and YouTuber who is dedicated to showing how easy and cheap it can be to maintain a vegan life. She offers simple, cost-efficient recipes and cooking tutorials like how to make a delicious stir fry on a budget. She even has her own restaurant located in Calgary, Canada called SaVeg serving delicious vegan food like"no eggs" benedict,"tuna" poke bowl, and filet no fish. Follow her to discover how a vegan diet can be cheaper than you could ever imagine.

3. Rich Roll @richroll

Rich Roll says he likes "talking to people and running long very far" and he inspires me to do more of both. He is an ultra runner who has won multiple World Championships and is transforming pre-conceived notions of what vegans are all about.  He will inspire you to challenge yourself and eliminate any fear of being an athlete on a vegan diet.

Rich hosts a podcast in an effort to raise awareness about the harmful impact of eating meat and how you can get more than enough protein on a plant-based diet. He also has a well-known meal planner who will guide you with healthy recipes throughout your journey. He is a best-selling author of three books including his well-known meal planner called The Plantpower Way: Whole Food Plant-Based Recipes and Guidance for The Whole Family, Whole Food, Whole Family, and Finding Ultra.

Rich is also a leader in Ditch The Dairy challenge and encourages his followers to participate. Follow him on his journey as an athlete to live a healthy vegan life and to find out where his live podcasts are held (the most recent one was in LA). For anyone who wants to be an athlete and a vegan, he's the real deal.

4. Andrea Hannemann @earthyandy 

"Where Focus Goes Energy Flows", Andrea Hannemann says in her bio. She is a Hawaii-based vegan who posts recipes and tips about plant-based living as well as Hawaii travel tips. You will seriously want to book a flight to Hawaii after scrolling through her pictures.

She focuses her attention on an HCLFV lifestyle, meaning High Carb Low Fat Vegan approach to eating. You will easily fall in love with her three little boys, as she engages them as her taste-testers in her posts and is not shy about putting up adorable photos of them. Follow her to drool over delicious recipes and get insight about Hawaii travel.

5. Ella Mills @delicouslyella 

With 1.6 million followers, Ella is a healthy eating advocate who provides recipes for whole-food, plant-based, eaters who want to also choose eco-conscious meals --meaning locally farmed and sold. Eila has created an app, podcast, and written a best selling book. She also has her own product line that includes delicious, minimally-packaged foods, like granola, muesli, an energy ball, oat bars, and frozen meals. You can buy them on her website here. She takes you through her personal life and shows off her natural-beauty remedies, favorite books, and takes you through her kitchen. Basically we want to be her.

6. Olivia Biermann @itslivb

Olivia Biermann is the creator of what she calls "good vibes and good food." She is a 23-year-old vegan and lifestyle YouTuber from Nova Scotia. We love the fact that her meals  are very simple to make and affordable. She is a best-selling author of Liv B's Vegan on a Budget that you can buy on Amazon here and discover how to make quick and easy plant-based meals without breaking the bank.

On her Instagram Olivia offers tips on how to create and start your own blog if you are so inclined. She also provides helpful advice for plant-based grocery shopping, and her favorite comfort food recipes. She will inspire you to get organized and live a clean lifestyle while enjoying sweet treats from time to time. (We love that especially.) By the way, she has the cutest dogs named Willa and Hazel. Follow her, stat!

If you have someone who you want to tell us to follow please let us know because we will be doing these stories on the regular. You can reach us at infor@thebeet.com. And follow thebeetofficial on IG, and of course DM us so we can follow you back!












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