Target Now Stocks Treeline’s Artisanal Soft French-Style Vegan Cheeses

|Updated May 18, 2021
Instagram / @treelinecheese

Artisanal vegan cheese serves as the perfect appetizer accompanied by crackers and a nice bottle of wine, but finding gourmet nut cheeses that are easily accessible has been a rarity– until now. Beloved brand Treeline is set to debut its offerings at Target Stores nationwide, bringing one of the pioneering dairy-free cheese options to consumers across the country for the first time. Treeline’s signature soft French-style cheese expansion is pushing the plant-based dairy industry forward, and the brand hopes to make its unique dairy-free options available to as many consumers as possible by launching at Target stores in the US.

Treeline’s most recent rollout will introduce its six-ounce packages of French-style cheeses to 220 Target stores. This new rollout adds to the company’s existing distribution at more than 3,000 retailers including Kroger, Whole Foods, Wegmans, Ralphs, and more. The dairy-free cheese will also become available at the deli section of Hannaford, becoming one of the only plant-based cheeses available for purchase at the deli.

Alongside its Target debut, the vegan cheese brand announced that it is developing new styles of cheeses to accompany its signature soft French style. The company is preparing to reveal a rich cheddar option that will come both sliced and shredded as well as shredded mozzarella and sliced American and Pepper Jack cheeses. The new cheeses will be available initially on Treeline’s website with future plans to be stocked at grocers across the country.

Treeline launched in 2011 when founder Michael Schwarz decided he wanted to dedicate his life to combatting animal cruelty and environmental damages of animal agriculture. The company began with him working with small, local retailers in New York City and the Hudson Valley. Currently, Schwarz’s brand offers its staple Soft French-Style Cheeses in Creamy Scallion, Herb Garlic, Sea Salt & Pepper, and Chiptole Serrano Pepper. Beyond the signature soft cheese, the company has also developed Aged Artisanal Wheels for a firmer cheese for vegan charcuterie. Treeline also features a line of cream cheeses that just launched nationwide in Plain, Chive & Onion, and Strawberry Flavors.

“At Treeline we stick to what we know: making delicious plant-based cheeses that support human health and the environment,” Treeline writes on its website. “We chose cashews as the base for our cheeses for their delicious taste, creamy consistency, and health benefits.”

Target also recently launched its Good & Gather Plant-Based range – a subsidiary of its Good & Gather brand that plans to include 30 new plant-based products across 10 categories. Nearly all of the products will be priced at under $5. The retail giant continued dedication to adding plant-based options will make it easier for plant-based consumers to find meat and dairy alternatives nationwide at extremely reasonable prices.