Tabitha Brown is a vegan TikTok sensation known for gaining over 1 million fans in her first month on the platform this past March, and now boasts over 3 million fans on social media. Now, Brown is set to have her own TV show on Ellen Degeneres' digital network, according to the announcement at the IAB NewFronts. The superstar Mom with the soothing voice and reassuring sayings will cover vegan cooking, social media, parenting, and self-care, because, as Brown would say, "that's my business."

Brown first became famous after going vegan for her chronic pain back in 2017, when she tasted her first vegan version of a BLT, which was actually a TTLA (tempeh, tomato, lettuce and avocado) from Whole Foods, and recorded the exultation and joyful reaction on Facebook. By the time she got back home, after a day of driving an Uber to make ends meet, the video had 50,000 views. That was the start of what would become a legendary rise to breakout superstardom. It's still surging, and this TV show is just the next step.

"TikTok is for kids," Brown told her daughter. Luckily Choyce convinced her to try it.

When her daughter Choyce, then 18, told her to make a TikTok account back in March, Brown says she balked. "That's for kids," she told her. But Brown acquiesced and began to post her daily wisdom, vegan recipes, and gentle assurances that her fan base loves to hear. That was on March 8th. Just one month later she had 1 million followers. Now, she has more than doubled that number on TikTok, and reached 2.3 million followers on Instagram.

Authenticity is what makes her so beloved. That and her voice

In May, The New York Times covered her, and CAA called and wanted to represent her, and the elusive acting career that Brown had originally dreamt about having many years ago suddenly circled back to her, only this time, the role she is playing is that of herself.

The new show to launch on the Ellen Digital Network is called All Love, and will feature more of the same great content, delivered in Brown's signature soothing voice, with a dash of helpful Mom advice. She plans to share her easy vegan recipes, better-life tips, self-care, social media expertise, and deliver it all in her usual loving, joyful fashion.

Brown continues to appear daily on Facebook Live and IG, along with TikTok, to check in with her fan base and give them great tips for how to make simple but delicious vegan dishes, accessorize with statement earrings, and be a parent to a mature young woman, Choyce. She and Brown's husband Chance are regulars on Brown's social media videos and one hopes will also appear on the show.

Ellen, also a vegan, launched her digital network with Warner Brothers Digital and will also feature new shows from comedians Tiffany Haddish, Ellie Kemper, and YouTube star Bretman Rock. The EDN, as the network is known, will focus on content that has the core values of kindness, humanity, and optimism.

We're Betting on Brown's Success

Brown's signature line: "I can if I want to, because it's my business" has already appeared on T-shirts, and her fans are soliciting Apple to make Brown's musical voice the official voice of Siri.

In her post announcing the show, Brown writes on Instagram, "It’s truly “ALL LOVE” ❤️ Look who’s joining the @ellentube family🙌🏿❤️. I’m so THANKFUL!! GOD continues to BLOW my mind!!! Big thank you to my team @scale and @creativeartistsagency 🙏🏾❤️ #LetsGo #tabithabrown #vegan #spreadlove #happiness #joy #blessed #ellendegeneres

We second the emotion.

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