With the Major League Soccer (MLS) playoffs on the horizon, Adidas just announced its first all-vegan soccer shoe developed in partnership with Stella McCartney and the World Cup-winning soccer star Paul Pogba. The sportswear giant unveiled the limited edition Predator Freak this month, showcasing the latest iteration of the brand’s signature Predator soccer shoes. The partnership with Stella McCartney helped maximize the sustainability standards for the Predator line, while Pogba – who plays for Manchester United – ensured that the shoe maintains its performance requirements.

Beginning on November 1, the new, gender-neutral Predator Freaks will be available on the Adidas app in two styles. The Predator Freak P + features laceless construction complete with a tight, slipper fit, available for $325. The cheaper P1 model designed with a lower collar is available for $215.

“Last year during lockdown, Adidas brought Paul and me together for The Huddle, which is where this idea was firstborn. Hearing how passionate he was about fashion and learning how much we had in common really sparked the inspiration for co-creating this iconic boot,” McCartney said in a statement. “One comment that stuck with me was how fashion was part of his personality both on and off the pitch, so it was important for this to shine through in the design.”

The collaborative shoe reveals one of the company’s most experimental designs, featuring a notable and exciting silhouette, accented by leopard and Earth Protector graphics. The sustainable Predator product features Demonskin rubber spikes, sourced completely from sustainable and vegan materials. The company claims that the rubber spikes are calibrated by a computer algorithm that enhances ball control and swerve for the player.

Adidas’ partnership with Stella McCartney allowed for the innovative shoe to truly come into existence. The Signature Adidas by Stella McCartney features an opalescent finish and will be the first soccer boot to include an ombre rainbow mirror metallic plate and heel logo.

“This collaboration has been particularly special for me because I’ve been a fan of Stella McCartney’s work for a long time, so when we came together for The Huddle last year and had this idea, it felt like the perfect opportunity to create something,” Pogba said in a statement. “It was in the middle of lockdown and I was missing playing football so much, so it was an incredible feeling to be able to focus on something that combines my love for the game with my passion for style. The boots we created with Adidas are bold and unique, and I can’t wait to wear them when I step onto the pitch.”

McCartney has long established herself at the forefront of the cruelty-free fashion industry, solidified when LVMH appointed the highly acclaimed designer as their Sustainability Advisor. The fashion icon continues to innovate the entire fashion industry, pushing every sector towards sustainable production methods and material sourcing.

Earlier this year, the designer released her most sustainable clothing line with her 2021 Fall Collection, sourcing 80 percent of the materials from recycled or sustainable manufacturing practices. The designer will continue this environmentally conscious production through her partnership with Adidas.

“Creating with the planet in mind is core to the Adidas by Stella McCartney partnership, and as the first Adidas vegan football boot, the Predator Freak also uses part-recycled materials,” McCartney said. “Working together on the design and bouncing ideas off each other was such a fun experience, and the boot perfectly fuses the world of fashion and football, showing how we can continue to create with the planet in mind.”


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