So How Was that Plant-Based Golden Globes Dinner? One Insider Spills All

|Updated Dec 13, 2022
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When the 77th annual Golden Globes announced it was going plant-based this year, the press was all over it. But the only person who seemed to go on the record about it was Joaquin Phoenix, who applauded the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for drawing the connection between animal agriculture and climate change. And while we loved his sentiment, the delivery of his speech was halting and a bit meandering, laced with expletives.
Still, we had to know: How was the FOOD? The menu was an entree of king oyster mushrooms scallops and wild mushroom risotto. It sounded delicious -- paired with roasted baby purple and green brussels sprouts and carrots and chilled golden beet soup.

The Vegan Golden Globes Menu

We contacted one of our friends who is a highly-placed studio executive who attended the GGs this year, for his take on the dinner. Our insider report is below. It was a "healthy prelude to Ricky Gervais." Gervais spent the evening insulting anyone within grenade landing distance, including the actors, who he said had attended less school than teen climate activist Greta Thunberg, and didn't have the right to lecture anyone. He also compared the members of the HFPA to "vegetables."
The other -- more sincere -- take on the decision to serve a vegan dinner was that considering the devastating fires raging across the continent of Australia, it was a politically correct move.  "Simple, good, smart," our insider concluded. And the third take on dinner from the insider who was there was that he usually spends the evening at a benefit "starving." I normally pass [on the food offered, end up] starving and am starving!" Instead, this time, he ate, and concluded: "This was spectacular."