Attention all plant-based eaters in Birmingham, Alabama: Slutty Vegan, the wildly popular vegan restaurant chain in Atlanta, is coming to a location near you.

The decadent burgers, fries, vegan shrimp, and fried pickles from Slutty Vegan are enjoyed by both vegans and non-vegans alike, and the brand's three Atlanta locations frequently have long lines of customers wrapping around the block to get a bite of plant-based fare. Founder and owner Pinky Cole opened her first brick-and-mortar location in January after starting the restaurant off as a food truck, and Slutty Vegan has since expanded and opened two more locations in Georgia and is now planning to open another location in Birmingham, Alabama.

“The goal is to be in Birmingham, Alabama within the next six months. We’re excited to have a brick-and-mortar here and do the same thing we did in Atlanta,” said Pinky Cole.

We can expect Slutty Vegan to be an extreme success in Alabama, since the food truck's recent trip to Birmingham in late September created massive lines, with the truck selling out of food before the end of the day.

Cole is not only focused on making delicious vegan food, but also on helping her community: She has founded the Pinky Cole Foundation, through which she has offered jobs and scholarships to Juvenile Offenders, and helped to create voting initiatives alongside music legend Jermaine Dupri and Impossible Foods. We can only hope that Slutty Vegan continues to expand across the United States so everyone can get the chance to try its sought after vegan food.

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