Slipknot's Corey and Cherry Bomb's Alicia Taylor have been trying to keep themselves busy with Netflix shows and home improvement projects like every other couple locked-down right now. The creative duo is always finding new hobbies to explore together and their recent endeavor has been going plant-based as a team.

Corey and Alicia revealed on Rock News that they have been eating plant-based since last summer. The couple is channeling their recent lifestyle and diet change into a new venture: A plant-based taco truck. The idea is to eventually have the food truck parked outside of their bands' venues for concertgoers to enjoy before and after the shows. The truck isn't going to be strictly vegan since the menu will have cheese on it, but it will be entirely meatless.

Why did the couple go plant-based?

Corey explained, "For us fat asses, we want to eat. This is a way for us to combine that with a healthier lifestyle." The need for a healthier lifestyle comes after Corey was struggling to lower his cholesterol. He had been actively trying to eat better even before going plant-based but his cholesterol remained high. After eating plant-based, his cholesterol dropped by a shocking 80 points.

The couple had kept the news of going plant-based super hush since switching last summer. Alicia said, "It was a choice we made for us" when asked why they hadn't really told anyone of their diet change.

What is their favorite plant-based thing in the fridge right now?

Corey and Alicia's favorite snack right now is Bitchin' Sauce, which is an almond-based dip. The couple joked, "We always think we have enough chips to go with the dip but we never do." During shelter-in-place, perhaps the couple will spend time honing recipes for the taco truck, some of which may include Bitchin' Sauce as an ingredient, to eventually share the power of plant-based with their fans.

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