"You have the worst diet [of] any patient I've ever met," said Simon Cowell's doctor after a health scare. That's when the famously tough judge of America's Got Talent decided to completely makeover his relationship with food.

Cowell had a major health scare in 2017 when he was hospitalized for falling down the stairs due to low blood pressure and hit his head, suffering a concussion. After this incident, Cowell's doctor did tests and found poor scores. Cowell is no fan of low marks, and when his doc advised him to eliminate "red meat, dairy, sugar, bread, and gluten,” from his diet he listened. Before making the switch to a plant-based diet, Cowell said in an interview with The Sun that he used to binge on "sausage rolls, hamburgers, and jam tarts," all prepared by his personal chef.

Right after the doctor's visit, Cowell took action: "Within 24 hours, I changed my diet and I’ve not looked back since. You feel better, you look better."

Last year on The Ellen Show, Cowell spoke about his new diet and revealed, "Everything I loved, I can't now eat: No dairy, no gluten, no red meat..." to which Ellen said that's fantastic you're doing all those things. It must be hard, and Cowell said: "It's easier than you think. Because Eric is 5 right now and if I didn't sort myself out physically  I wouldn't be able to catch up. The minute he wakes up till the minute he goes to sleep he is so much energy." During this heartfelt moment, Cowell added how happy he is now. Turning 60 he realized he dreaded celebrating his birthday, but was feeling better than he had in years.

Now, Eric is 6 years old and while he tries to tempt Cowell into ordering pizza during the pandemic lockdown, the producer and on-air judge stays steadfast in his healthy routine. These temptations no longer trigger him, as he told Extra he's lost 60 pounds now that he's exercising and eating plant-based in quarantine. In addition, Cowell added at an ITV Palooza event: "My memory’s better, my energy’s better."

Asked about the stress and the rivalry with other producers he adds: "The diet and Eric taught me this is always supposed to be fun.... We all want to win and it's supposed to be fun."

If you're wondering how to replicate Cowell's success and get healthier yourself, the star shared some tips for others with Extra: "Most importantly, occupy your mind. You have to stick to a routine. Fortunately, with things like with Zoom, you stay in touch with the world, keep motivated, come up with ideas... I never get this time, normally."

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While Cowell had no problem staying true to his new eating and exercising plan in quarantine, he explained that he was initially worried about how his son Eric was going to cope with the stay at home orders., "He has been absolutely amazing." Cowell's sheltering with Eric and partner Lauren Silverman. Together, they enjoy cooking healthy meals during the weekdays and spend the weekends camping out in the garden.

In addition, Cowell revealed that he's releasing a cookbook titled, "It's Not That Difficult" inspired by his successful weight loss. “It's something I have been thinking about because everyone’s so interested,” he told The Sun back in January 2020. “I think I would call it, It’s Not That Difficult…I’d give people some of the recipes I have been following."

The book isn't out yet, but we're anxious to see the recipes Cowell has incorporated into his routine. We have high hopes since Cowell said he felt he needed to share it. “What you eat has to taste nice — otherwise you won’t stick to it.”

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