It seems like New Jersey Senator Cory Booker has finally converted girlfriend and actress Rosario Dawson to the vegan life, a transition that began in 2019 when Dawson began to adopt a more plant-forward diet.

Speaking about Dawson's veganism to People, Booker, vegan since 2014, swears that her new diet is not his doing, saying, "She came to it on her own, which is great because we have, during the time of COVID, been working on cooking together a lot more. Literally, she just bought a food processor for our kitchen yesterday. So I’m very excited about just expanding my capability to make delicious, healthy, whole plant-based food at home.”

Now that the couple is on the same page diet-wise, it looks like they're tackling a new frontier together, as Booker explains that they're cutting out packaged foods together, saying,"[We're] trying to go a stretch without any processed food whatsoever."

Booker and Dawson Are Both Outspoken Advocates for a Better Food System

Booker and Dawson are both advocating for better food systems, one from inside the senate and another on the big screen. Booker currently serves as the chairman of a subcommittee on nutrition and specialty crops on the Senate Agricultural Committee, drafting the Farm System Reform Act bill, which aims to update legislation from the early 20th century and hold farmers accountable for conditions at places where our food is grown or raised and give added protection to workers. Dawson appeared in the recently released documentary Kiss The Ground, which sheds light on the potential of regenerative agriculture to develop a more sustainable, equitable food system for all as the threat of climate change looms.

"I feel something coming in this country and this incredible film is such a powerful contribution," said Booker. "I just think that this is a time where all of us have the power to choose right now, to surrender and accept things as they are, or be a part of the way things can, should, and must be."

"We are a nation that has to lead with love, and the way we're living right now is a violation of love for each other, for our environment, for those who struggle often in shadows — be it the farmer, who's losing their farm because of corporate concentration, all the way to the consumers who are struggling with sickness and illness, that's entirely preventable ... I am going to do everything I can with every fiber of my being to heal this broken system."

With Dawson now fully onboard the vegan train, it seems that this is just the beginning of the two advocating together for a more just, plant-based food system in the US.

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