Rob Dyrdek started his career as a skateboarder, became sponsored at the age of 12, moved to LA, and became one of the most influential skateboarders of all-time. But he found his true calling on reality television, starring in and producing Rob and Big, Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, and now Ridiculousness on MTV. As if that were not enough, now Dyrdek has his sights on a new goal: To make you, me, and everyone else happier, more focused, calmer, and more able to reach our potential, by creating a brain health bar that harnesses the natural powers of adaptogens and plants to help us focus.

A creative, focused, calm mind is able to achieve great things, and Mindright is the food our noggins needs to get the job done, he told The Beet last week. Once you are in a better frame of mind, you can achieve everything you set your mind to do. This is certainly the case for Dyrdek who from the looks of it has about as optimal a life as anyone could ever hope for.

Once you start to snack on good-vibes-only Mindright, made with functional ingredients like Ashwagandha, you will be able to crush it too. Productivity, this line of thinking goes, starts with a creative and calm brain that can achieve "flow."

When you think about everything Dyrdek accomplishes in a day, and how he started his career as a skater, it makes perfect sense. The ethos of skateboarding is to get creative with your surroundings, focus on your next move, and not wipe out. Meanwhile, when you succeed (or for that matter, when you fail) you bring joy to yourself and others watching your astonishing acrobatics.

You could even argue that this is a natural progression from Dyrdek's current show since MTV's Ridiculousness is essentially a string of video pratfalls and daring deeds gone wrong (on bikes, boards, or just two feet) which gives viewers a chance to laugh and take their minds off of everything else that could be stressing them out. Plus you watch and think: I'm not as messed up as that guy.

Dyrdek and his cofounder want to help others be creative, focused, and successful

Mindright is the product of Dyrdek and CPG expert Chris Bernard who decided to launch Mindright to help other people like themselves who are type A to the max, what they call "hyper-achievers," get their heads in a good space to be able to be creative, and not feel down on themselves or feel overwhelmed. Like a good mood in a snack bar, Mindright, helps you stay calm, focused, and upbeat when those things are in short supply and deadlines are looming.

Dyrdek calls Mindright a "good mood superfood snack bar" for when you're at your desk and need to cram through the pile. It's also a "happiness-hack snack" and the TV celebrity with over 5 million followers explains that he hopes Mindright will allow people to reach their full potential by putting mood first.

The point is to make brain and mental health, which is complicated to begin with, as "uncomplicated" as possible.

The new products from Mindright are launching direct to consumers on February 18th. Each bar is made with what the creators call their "Happy Brain Blend," which combines nootropics and adaptogens in three deliciously-flavors: Peanut Butter Cup, Blueberry Almond, and Toasted Coconut. The active ingredients are Ginseng (for mood and energy), Ashwagandha (for stress management and cognition), Cordyceps (also for energy), and MCT oil (for brain fuel). The bars are gluten-free, protein-rich, non-GMO, and vegan.

The founders hope Mindright will help people "Live life with no negative thoughts"

The wellness industry is expected to hit a new milestone, surpassing $4.5 trillion in sales this year, and Mindright enters the part of the market dedicated to brain health and mood-boosting. Mental health is getting even more attention since the pandemic forced many people into relative social isolation nearly a year ago, and the pending widespread vaccination is not expected until July, which means at least five more months of working from home, and spending more than a healthy dose of time under the same small roof as spouse and kids, roommates and others, but not able to necessarily blow off steam by going out dancing.

According to the company's launch literature: Mindright is the culmination of co-founders Dyrdek and Bernard’s dedication to "living life with no negative thoughts, and finding tools to help others achieve this same positive mental attitude."

The co-founders are hoping Midnight will appeal to a new audience, who they have dubbed "the Happy Hustler" meaning the consumer who knows that a better outlook leads to better results, in the form of increased productivity, energy, and focus. The company's tagline:" Once you get Mindright, everything else follows."

Mindright bars are on sale at the company's website,

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