Leave it to comedian Ricky Gervais to say what other people are thinking, and say it with more blunt force than anyone. Most of his ruminating in his Facebook videos turn out to be more potent than something one would repeat in polite company.

On his Facebook account recently, Gervais published a video to tell the world what he really thinks of the connection between COVID-19 and human behavior. In a winding discussion of the upcoming Season 2 of his show, After Life, he meanders between topics and answers fan questions and comments. For the most part, he is promoting his show but then he begins to comment on people in parks, sunbathing too close to one another, and the unfortunate fact that humans eat animals, tying this back to coronavirus' suspected origins in a wet market in China.

Gervais veers from talking about the cast and plot of his show to the topic of coronavirus and squarely blames it on eating flesh. His sentiment: Basically we got what we deserved.

"You can't moan about not going to a concert [that gets canceled these days] when there are still people doing 14-hour shifts saving people's lives,' Gervais begins.

"Here's the thing about coronavirus...Put it finely. It's like globules of spittle that come from people when they are talking and fall to the ground. If you're in the zone when that happens then you're at risk. But there are much more contagious things, like Measles which can fly on the wind. With this, you have to be close to those globules of spit to get it. If you keep away from people you [probably] won't get it. That is so obvious. It shouldn't be so hard!"

Gervais said when people go to the park to jog or walk and stay at a safe distance, that makes sense, but that he had noticed sunbathers congregating, and it made him upset.

"Don't be a twat. Don't mingle. Really? Apart from that, it's all good. People keep asking if will life ever returns to normal. Of course, it will.

"But it will happen again. The wet markets are already opening again. They're already getting back to it. This comes from animals. MERS and SARS, originally come from bats.

"It comes from f*cking eating things you shouldn't... and I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. I'm annoyed at sunbathers so if I saw a wet market I don't know what I'd friggin do.

"Globules! Virus... you know what I mean. Just come on, get on with it. And people, fucking kids, asking "Can we go back to work tomorrow?" No! Just shut the F*ck up. It might be another month and then we'll look at it.

And with that, Gervais wraps up with: "This has been happy, hasn't it?"

Gervais is out there, this week, in his sharing ways, as anyone who watched the British comedian and actor (and writer and producer) saw when he last hosted the Golden Globes and insulted half the room from the stage. Gervais loves to bite the proverbial hand that feeds him, and in a recent podcast where he was the guest of Russel Brand on Under the Skin, Brand's Luminary podcast, Gervais also compared animal cruelty -- specifically bullfighting -- with other "traditions" that are culturally accepted, like "slavery and child sacrifice." For the full Gervais Saturday evening chat, check his Facebook video.

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