Pringles Are No Longer Vegan: Here’s What to Buy Instead

|Updated Nov 30, 2021
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One of the US’ most emblematic potato chip brands, Pringles, just announced that it will roll back its vegan products and begin adding milk to several of its ingredient lists. The company produces a huge selection of potato chip flavors that range from Texas BBQ to Sweet Chili, providing consumers with flavorful vegan snack options across the country. The chips became a staple for plant-based consumers worldwide, developing a classic snack with no animal-based ingredients, however, consumers recently spotted that some signature flavors no longer were vegan.

Vegan pringles fans noticed that previously vegan flavors including Sweet Chili, Smokey Bacon, Original, Paprika, Texas BBQ Sauce, and more now contained dairy-based products. Vegan Food UK spoke against the US-based snack giant, calling it a “massive step back.” Pringles announced that the milk-based ingredients were added to the Pringles products to save money.

“By adding milk we are able to increase capacity, save costs and reduce the amount of food waste,” a spokesperson for Pringles told one customer, reported in Vegan Food UK.

Vegan Food UK broke the news in an attempt to encourage the snack giant to reconsider its decision to introduce dairy-based ingredients to its previously plant-based recipes. The social media organization released a statement across Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram, calling out Pringles for this decision.

Pringles’ decision is in direct contrast to the changing market demand. In recent years, demand for plant-based options across all food categories has significantly increased. A report from Future Market Insights projected that healthy snack chip manufacturers will experience substantial growth over the next decade with an unprecedented 7 percent CAGR. The report details how consumer demand for vegan, nutritional, and plant-rich alternatives is driving the snack market towards plant-based production.

“Market players will gain significantly from the introduction of new flavors and nutrient profiles. Prevailing consumer trends push manufacturers to adopt advanced technologies and increase options in organic and non-GMO food products,” the FMI report states.

While Pringles is working against consumer demand, several of the company’s competitors still produce plant-based chips that can be found nationwide. For consumers discontented by Pringles’ dairy inclusion, The Beet picked our top three vegan chips conveniently available at retailers nationwide to replace the Pringles craving as we wait for the company to reconsider its new recipe.

1. Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos 

The purple Doritos bag is one of the most iconic flavors from the immensely popular chip brand. The company's sweet, savory, and spicy chips can be eaten alone during a long car ride or can be transformed into some dynamic vegan nachos. The popular chip flavor is fully vegan with all the flavor possible as compared to its non-vegan counterparts.

2. Fritos Original Corn Chips 

The Fritos Original recipe is one of the staples of gas station snacks: The classic corn chip is a straightforward snacking option that is fully plant-based. The chip is highly versatile too. Try the Fritos Original Corn Chips with vegan chili or a Taco Salad.

3. Kettle Brand Maple Bacon

Kettle Brand provides a classic combination without any animal products involved. The company's Maple Bacon flavor provides a smoky and sweet chip that is the perfect option for fans of the previously vegan Pringles flavors such as Texas BBQ and Smokey Bacon. Try the Kettle Brand chips next time you crave a smoky, sweet, and savory snack.

You may think iron is synonymous with meat, and while animal protein certainly has it, that doesn’t mean you can’t get enough iron if you eat a mainly plant-based diet. In fact, you can, if you know the right foods to choose and how to pair them. The daily recommendation from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for iron intake is 18 milligrams (mg), but not all iron sources are created equal. Here’s what plant-based eaters need to know about iron and which iron-rich foods are best to help reap the benefits.

1. White Mushrooms

1 cup cooked = 3 mg iron (17% daily value (DV))\There are many reasons to eat mushrooms on the regular, but their meaty texture (try a Portobello cap as a meat replacement for a burger!) and ample protein are two of the highlights. Add them to your stir-fry, tacos, or even instead of meat in a faux Bolognese sauce.

2. Lentils

1/2 cup = 3 mg iron (17% DV)You don’t need to eat a huge serving of lentils to get a hearty dose of iron. Just a half-cup provides close to 20% of the iron you need in a day. Just like mushrooms, lentils have a meaty texture that works well in burgers, tacos, or grain bowls.

3. Potatoes

1 medium potato = 2 mg iron (11% DV)The poor potato has gotten such a bad rap. Fear of this carb-rich spud is unwarranted because it’s actually an affordable and delicious source of iron and potassium. So go ahead and have that hash, baked potato, or potato soup and leave the skin on for some added fiber.

4. Cashews

1 ounce = 2 mg iron (11% DV)Most nuts contain iron, but cashews are a standout because they have less fat than some of the other nuts. One ounce of cashews (about 16 to 18 nuts) has 160 calories, 5 grams of protein, and 13 grams of fat. Add a handful of cashews to smoothies, soups, or sauces for some extra creaminess.

5. Tofu

½ cup = 3 mg (15% DV)Not only does tofu have plenty of protein and calcium, but it’s also a good source of iron. It’s very versatile and takes on the flavor of any sauce or marinade, making it a great meat substitute.Keep in mind that you can easily get the iron you need from a plant-based diet.