Could the US be a post-meat society in a couple of decades? New research finds that the average American believes that the US could ditch meat to become completely plant-based by 2039. The survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of VeganStrong, questioning 2,000 people on the future of American dieting habits. While America’s fixation on animal products remains intact, a cultural shift towards more plant-forward foods is gaining momentum.

The poll found that one in three participants agree that everyone will be consuming meatless foods in the future, signifying a big shift in cultural norms for American consumers. The average year participants think that the US will change its dietary habits to adopt a plant-based diet by 2039.

Poll Shows Potential for a Shift to Plant-Based in the US

However, doubts still remain strong for many Americans. 52 percent of the respondents claimed that switching to a plant-based diet would not be a “realistic possibility” for them, citing that plant-based diets were either too expensive or too complicated. Another common doubt stems from the worry that they ‘couldn’t survive on a vegan diet,’ worrying about the protein intake of plant-based diets. To find out why that shouldn't be a concern, click here.

“Most people don’t realize that plants have all the protein you need,” Director of Vegan Strong’s National Tour Robert Cheeke said. “Yet many elite athletes are converting to a plant-based diet because they are seeing their performance and strength improve dramatically.” Plant-based interest has skyrocketed during the last year, with the poll finding that 31 percent of people have tried vegan recipes for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Plant-based eating can be incredibly affordable if you focus on eating fruits, vegetables, beans, rice, nuts. and seeds,” Cheeke continued. “Going vegan is better for your health, your wallet, and the Earth.”

The rapid release of sustainable protein products gives way to an accessible entry to plant-based eating. A global consultancy AT Kearney released a report in 2019 that predicted that 60 percent of the 'meat' consumed worldwide would not come from animals. With a sharp increase in plant-based production, it will become easier for Americans to alter their diets without giving up the taste of meat, but the 'meat', however, will be environmentally sourced,  nutritionally beneficial, and made entirely of plant-based protein sources.

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