Shopping for vegan food just got even easier. Online grocery company PlantX has announced that it will be launching its e-commerce offerings on Amazon Marketplace to maximize the accessibility of its thousands of vegan offerings. The e-commerce retailer will become a seller through Amazon, allowing customers the chance to browse a wider selection of plant-based and vegan foods, wines, and household products, and check out with their usual Amazon payment method.

A Vancouver-based company launched in 2019, PlantX has been planning expansions and brick and mortar stores in the US. Now it will use Amazon’s platform to market its otherwise exclusive plant-based foods.

"We recognize the potential of joining Amazon as a third-party seller on its platform," PlantX CEO Lorne Rapkin said in a statement. "Being active on Amazon Marketplace means that we will be able to leverage Amazon's world-class e-commerce resources."

The partnership will allow the plant-based company access to several accommodations and programs offered by the e-commerce giant. Some programs available for PlantX will include customer service networks, establish fulfillment resources, and an extensive list of affiliates for the company. The company announced that by using the expansive Amazon infrastructure, PlantX will be able to see accelerated growth alongside a massive distribution expansion.

"Launching on the Amazon platform is a great opportunity to boost access to our plant-based brands and products," PlantX Founder Sean Dollinger said. "We are particularly excited about adding PlantX private label products to this new platform we believe it will increase our impact as we expand our in-house brands."

Currently, the online vegan grocery features more than 10,000 vegan products ranging from some of the most popular brands to exclusive plant-based products. The company primarily focuses on plant-based grocery items, but recently revealed a meal delivery service program, providing consumers with chef-created dishes that can be delivered straight to customers’ doorsteps. The company has announced that it plans to continue expanding its product offerings to incorporate cosmetics, clothes, and eventually its own water brand.

Earlier this year, the company announced that it had partnered with vegan celebrity chef Matthew Kenney, who owns 42 restaurants across 22 cities worldwide, to oversee the development of the meal delivery service. PlantX appointed Kenney to be the Chief Culinary Officer, enlisting the acclaimed chef to develop the company’s menu, delivery service, and self-branded products. Kenney’s oversight will include the help of several other chefs that will maximize the innovative meal program.

"I've been working as a plant-based chef for the last 18 to 20 years, supported by my team throughout my career, and we have never been more ready to partner with a large grocery store like PlantX," Kenney said at the time. “We will source the best ingredients or products, new innovative ideas, and apply technology to make plant-based the most exciting food in the world. We really want people to enjoy plants in their natural forms, keeping them as pure as possible without too much alternation or processed ingredients. You will find this food style at PlantX.”

The plant-based marketplace also applied for a NASDAQ listing in January with the intention of increasing its visibility and growth in the United States marketplace. The company continues to experience significant growth, allowing more customers across North America to purchase plant-based food items. This month, the company announced that its first-quarter 2022 gross revenue exceed C$4 million.

“PlantX continues to invest its efforts and resources strategically to grow and meet the demand for our plant-based products,” PlantX founder Sean Dollinger said in a statement. “It is encouraging to see the impact of our work. We are more committed than ever to continue building our business by executing on our mission and expansion goals.”

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